Pulling a shot with Ascaso Dream espresso machine and Mazzer Mini

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pulling a shot using the ascaso dream espresso machine with mazzer mini grinder.


Peter Van der Wal says:

After putting your portafilter in the machine your coffee has contact with
the heatet brewhead. You should start the water within a maximum of 3
seconds, otherwise the coffee will burn a gets another taste.

clake0000 says:

I think the Ascaso Dream comes only with pressurized baskets because those
baskets are a lot easier to work with than non-pressurized baskets. For
people who want a quick, somewhat decent shot without a lot of fuss, the
pressurized basket seems to work fine.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

What does this machine not come with none pressurized basket ?


you waste a lot of coffee…those grinds you spill over add up…senseless.

Felix Commodore says:

to fast

xximanoobxx says:

don’t tap the PF after tamping it. It’ll cause fractures in the puck
causing an uneven pull. It’ll also cause channelling

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@clake0000 Well I heard them say in a video from SeattleCoffeeGear that in
USA it comes standard with pressurized basket and showerscreen that
distribute the water more in the center to be more pod friendly but you
could get an upgrade shower screen and none pressurized basket. I just
wonder if that means it does come standard in Europe with the none
pressurized basket and shower screen combo.

fatnatc says:

cool machine, looks like it makes a great tasting espresso. love the vid, i
think you should make a vid on how to make an cappuccino.

clake0000 says:

@KERALAONE The brewhead gets clogged with grounds pretty quickly. Rather
than have to take everythign apart and clean it every few weeks, I take the
time to make sure all of the excess grounds are off of the portafilter.

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