Presso espresso machine makes a flat white coffee

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easy espresso with a presso espresso machine, now known as the ROK espresso machine.


kemal delaney says:

wow, thats all i can say…. well almost, TERRIBLE!!!

OneMeO says:

Good, very easy Thanks

AndyMatts44 says:

Shows what I know about espresso. I assumed that making a “flat white
coffee” was criticizing for creating a pale, flavorless brew. 😀 Nice vid.

Vincent B says:

Good idea but… made in PRC (China)

Joseph Collins says:

That was the worst looking “drink” I have ever seen. First of all you don’t
“steep” espresso. Second of all you don’t make the milk for a capp or a
latte by churning it like buttermilk. This device makes great espresso if
you know what your doing. This device takes skill to perfect, not some
hotshot who thinks espresso is steeped and pours churned milk on top.

Brett Ryan says:

Ingenious way of warming the portafilter from the kettles steam, never
thought of doing that 🙂

Bartz Barista says:

It’s my fave Espresso maker 🙂

tolleymb says:

@ZeroXAgony – then you’re a narrow-minded tool. For example, the Starbucks
EL60 is a rebadged Delonghi KG100 – both grinders received equal highest
rating in the Australian consumer organisation CHOICE’s independent
testing. But hey, good for you for raging against a brand, bro. We’re all
really impressed.

tyvek05 says:

jeesh and to think i was only disapointed because the coffee wasnt “white”
like the description said, you take it to a whole nother level and thats
nothing to be proud of to be sure! open your mind a bit it wont hurt you, i

Nick Young says:

Wow, take the stick out of your ass Pretentious Collins.

Vincent B says:

Good idea but… made in PRC (China)

Nicco Deamus says:

@quangpod heat resistant plastic

ZeroXAgony says:

@tolleymb That’s nice and all, but he even said himself, and I quote; “even
with a cheap grinder. ” This was obviously not the $150 Delonghi KG100.
Also, I never resorted to personal insults, so go fuck yourself. If you’d
like to continue this as gentlemen; kindly stick a toothpick under your big
toe, then go kick a wall.

hel1nas says:

Πολύ ωραία παρουσιαση! Μπράβο!

Ed Floody says:

@ZeroXAgony – with espresso the grind is not as important as with coffee.
The extraction time minimizes the effect of grind inconsistency.

joshuatunnicliffe says:

I can see you are not an espresso drinker but good video anyway.

ZeroXAgony says:

@mangravy2000 I don’t know where you got your information, but that is just
downright wrong. You change the extraction time by changing the grind. Most
professional baristas, myself included, only dose 20-20.5g into the
porta-filter, and tamping doesn’t matter when 9 bars kicks in. That only
leaves us with the ability to change the grind.

Timothy Roller says:

Excellent video, thanks!

Freeatlast28 says:

seems a right lot of messing about just for a drink but i like it

Nicco Deamus says:

Hi, many thanks. It is a coffee maker, an Atomic made by Robbiati in Milan,
a sort of “right way up” mocha pot. makes really nice coffee, but doesn’t
quite get the pressure. I also have a Bacchi stovetop which is mostly my
favourite machine.

tolleymb says:

@ZeroXAgony You mean the $128 KG100? $128 isn’t a cheap grinder? Right. And
please – you lost any claim to being a gentleman the second you decided it
was worth your while to log in and insult somebody’s video because of the
_brand of their grinder_, you sad, shallow son of a bitch.

clydejohanberry says:

that looks really good!

Madoka says:

What’s a tea maker? Isn’t tea in a bag and you put it in hot water?Try a cup of water in the mircowave for 2 munties, put the tea bag in and BAM! Tea.

ArmedOkie says:

awesome video, and i loved the music.

Vincent B says:

Good idea but… made in PRC (China)

ZeroXAgony says:

Stopped watching at “I use a starbucks grinder!” ….

quangpod says:

Is the part where you pour the water in made of glass?

Ed Floody says:

Why rest for 30 seconds? If the water is the correct temp then you should
not wait.

JasonECI says:

Thanks for the video! It’s a funny coffee maker and seems to derive nice
result, and it’s also an interesting way how you heat up the handle. BTW, I
see a portafilter-like handle on the cute little thing in the background,
is it also a coffee maker?

Ed Floody says:

Can’t read the font. Hate it! If the water temp is in the 190F range and
the apparatus can generate ~9 Bars of pressure then. It should be exactly
the same and you would not be able to tell the difference.

Nicco Deamus says:

A couple of responses to comments: This is a $100 machine. It makes a quite
good espresso, even with a cheap grinder. You get a nice crema and a nice
tasting espresso from a cheap machine and grinder. This is the point of the
video. I also have a much better grinder and superior espresso machines,
but the Presso is excellent value for money, much better than a pod machine
(IMHO 🙂 )

M Williams says:

Found you….will be looking in on you now and again…need to watch that
attitude. You posted a lot of your personal information, (and you really
should watch that when you have such an innocent sense of
pseudo-anonymity…hint, you’r not dad).

JasonECI says:

Pieces of art you have there, thanks for letting me know about them… I
have Bellman stovetop, Italian coffee maker, Aeropress and other electric
espress machines, they all serve well but none of them attracts! lol

林汽水 says:

+洪豪遜 這支辦得到嗎?? 最大壓力值應該在 5Bar 左右~

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