Parts of an Espresso Machine | Perfect Coffee

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Tinkerbots says:

Absolutely fantastic videos … Thanks Mike

Melissa Hess says:

His voice is soothing. I would sit in that coffee shop just to listen to
his calming voice. 

johana uribe says:

can you add this video for product description Coffee Talk: Parts of an
Espresso Machine

Sherman Wong says:

u are clueless about how difficult espresso is to produce

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

All I see is an overpriced shiny piece of shit.

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

Apparently you are clueless as to how to create good espresso consistently
without spending a small fortune. La Marzoccos ARE indeed OVER
rated/priced/hyped. I’ve worked on several of them and they were no better
than anything else on the market. Believe what you want, but sounds as if
you are clueless as to what makes a good machine/grinder.

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

Producer of this video should utilize somebody that actually knows what the
fuck they’re talking about. Sherman, remember two Wongs don’t make one

reedburg says:

@mitsuiko16 it’s a La Marzocco Linea with paddle groups. they are one of
the best machines in the world and are very expensive 🙂

@stev1e_J says:

one year ago some one wrote “first” and to this day no one cared lol

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

La Marzoccos are ALL form and very little function. I dare any nerd in
coffee land to prove otherwise.

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

Is that your BFF in the video? Too many wannabe lame ass baristi in the
world that know NOTHING!

UrWorstNightmare247 says:

Said by those that choose form over function. LaMarzoccos do make good

Mitsuiko Michi says:

whats the brand of the coffee maker? and where could i get 1?

Oxy Tony says:

May I ask what is the model of this espresso machine ? It looks amazing ! 

sunnymoonmystery says:


James Sletten says:

Back then didn’t want me now Im … They all on me, Haha. Who… Who…
Who… Hahahahha

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