NEW! The ROK Manual Espresso Maker

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Spotlighted by GQ magazine as one of the “Best Stuff of 2012,” the Presso ROK is an environmentally friendly manual espresso maker created with durable engin…


Sterling Scholar says:

anyone know who the band is?

Benjamin Hornery says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Aaron Johnson says:

Looks very nice, but it will be a lot of clean up and space hog IMO.

MN says:

Not cappuccino, its macchiato.

esclavosoy says:

This is awesome. This is not an ad

bbnguyen92 says:


wholelattelovetv says:

One Squeeze by Olly Vert.

bbnguyen92 says:

Song name?

fetymann says:

Daaamn, Morgan is cuuuute.

Whole Latte Love says:

Check out the new ROK #espresso machine video!

arkasza2007 says:

Haha this milk steamer…. such sexy ;D

Janey Green says:

Fabulous-great video!

RiverPath says:

the milk frother looks like it wont make the milk as frothy as in a cafe

Matt Greff says:

Shut up.

ChitoDog says:

Wow Who’s the beautiful, sexy lead singer in the band?? Anyway, apart from
heating the water (as James Carty previously stated), you also have to heat
the milk to create your froth.So the term “environmentally friendly” could
be up for debate. This could be good for someone looking to save space like
a dorm room or RUV’s or something. I prefer Semi-Auto’s though. For around
the same price tag (on special) you can get a Semi-Auto Gaggia Espresso

J Junichi says:

Simple is good.

Jon Homrich says:

different for sure

Kerri Boyle Samuelson says:

So rockin’ this must be overseas! lol! Love it!

Nathan CN says:

Good machine

Sergio Guillermo Alarcon Robles says:

Me enamore… y no exactamente de ella

Wendy White says:


Amy Alberici says:

Well, I’ve been through quite a few mid grade espresso maker’s. This one,
being extremely mechanical, looks like it could be a great product!

James L says:

However it is not environmentally friendly. A majority of the energy used
whilst making an espresso with a normal machine is used to heat up the
water. With this machine you still need to heat up the water with a kettle
so the same amount of energy is being used. However I guess it is useful if
you are camping you can heat up the water in a pan over a camping gas stove.

Muhammad Muhammad says:

wow….nice one

matute11 says:

Looks awesome….cant wait for my electric to break…

Minoru Yoshida says:

The ROK Espresso Machine

Master Bean says:

Jetzt bei uns im shop erhältlich

Vanderlei Hessmann says:

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