Nespresso U Espresso Maker

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Nespresso’s tiny, top-of-the-line espresso maker delivers the high-quality drinks Nespresso is known for, in a compact, modular design with a no-drip spout a…


Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

hmmmm why do you have 3 different buttons for ristretto,regular og lungo
shots ? Why just not have different capsules with different grind settings.
Cutting the regular shot to make ristretto is called the lazy mans method.
It’s best to have ristretto,regular and lungo shots all at about the same
time between 20-30 sec but the grind setting different so you get different
amount of yield drink in your cup/shot glass

Paul Fusari says:

I believe Nespresso has different pods specifically for ristretto, espresso
and luongo.

slimturnpike says:

well done

Kathleen Kelly says:

WTF I received this 22 times??? I now have unsubscribed

Mike Chapman says:

Very Informative and you have covered technical aspects that are important
little variables that are important when buying a new machine. I live with
a blind individual, so I think the Pixie would suit his needs more, as this
machine seems to have flat touch buttons. Thanks!

MelugoAlyan says:


TheQuietOne says:


yohan1985 says:

I believe it’s called Lungo, not Longo. Nice review though. Did you edit
the part where the machine is making coffee? I thought it was a lot more
noisy than it sounded in this video.

doctorhonda111 says:

The most interesting part of this video is 2:03 to 2:16. Real talent right

Chouhan Gulam Nabi says:

ben fatto, delizioso caffè.

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