Nespresso Pixie vs Francis Francis Y1 single serve espresso machine

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Danielsan germany says:

if both had espresso capsues the illy one is correct and the nespresso
failed because a correct espresso should have arround 25-35ml in 25
seconds. The Nespresso is like kakao or whatever but the illy comes close
to a real portafilter Espresso. In my family we have all three of them. I
bought the nespresso system my parents years ago and i use large
portafilter machine, on xmas i gifted the illy machine X7.1 to my parents.
While the nespresso tastes sour, acidly and with short aftertaste the illy
comes close to a my portafilter. I think illy use more g per shot, a
correct espresso has 7g, also the nespresso powder is not tampered which is
also not good at all. 

Patricio Almirón says:

Both look like great machines

TSC x says:

very good insight offered here, thank you so much Brian:):):)

blackhat blackhat says:

“the pixiEEE” #stlized ;)

Big Bozz says:

i believe the Y1 pulls the espresso directly from the extraction end of the
cartridge, avoiding the coffee from touching the machine, contributing to
an easier clean up, and a longer lasting machine. Great video btw !

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great comment. Thank you. Enjoy your cup,

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you for your comment and info. Quick question. Did you tried both
machines? Enjoy your cup.

herbet Brasileiro says:

why are you brewing a gigantic cup instead of an espresso shot?

TubeSurferGeek says:

Thanks for the great review. Wish I had seen it before purchasing the
Nespresso Citz. The new Y1.1 has two touch sensitive (no physical button)
timed settings for regular and lungo shots. And, if you get the capsule
“Home Delivery” plan you can get the Y1.1 for $155 which is a great savings
for the normal price of $325. I also noticed that if you open the Illy
capsule compartment a bit faster giving the ejector arm a more momentum it
will properly discharge the spent capsule.

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup.

Barry Kootchin says:

That was not a double shot but a long espresso made with the Nespresso. You
would need to use two capsules for a double shot. Also some information on
the minimum oz size allowed by the Nespresso would be helpful. Seems like
the Illy allows for short shots while the Nespresso does not.

Philip Baron says:

Two more IMPORTANT comparisons: 1) Illy capsules contain 7 grams of coffee,
Nespresso capsules have 5 grams. That is a whopping 40% difference in the
amount of coffee in your brew. 2) Illy capsules are NOT sealed, so once you
open the tin be sure to store the remaining capsules in a dark, tightly
sealed container.

TubeSurferGeek says:

Originally purchased the Citz and sent it back. Purchased the Y1.1 and love

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

You are right. It was Lungo :). With Nespresso you can program button to
make any size :). Enjoy your cup,

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