Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Maker

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With its cup warmer, aerocinno milk frother, and multiple espresso and lungo size settings, the Nespresso Gran Maestria can deliver your favorite espresso dr…


MrBjp001 says:

Cnet babe

ptinio2 says:

hot coffee, hot presenter

right1PT says:

I think we ALL agree this woman is gorgeous with her cocoa butter skin,
bright eyes, etc.. who wouldn’t buy something from her? GEETTTTT ITTTT!

PolishHammer1000 says:

Great review.

Frederick Peterson says:

Really good video. -Fred

erikerikerik1234567 says:

I would like to order that self cleaning spoon @ 5:10

iwgl1981JMR says:

It’s nice but I think the Tassimo is a better product for the money. It
does all those things a lot easier too. Price difference is massive. Nice
presentation by the young lady.

rachel catera says:

Good video for someone who doesn’t actually work for nespresso( i don’t
think?)but these are capsules not pods they’re different, it’s hard to
trust her information when product knowledge doesnt seem that high on the
actual coffee, and I was always told to use espresso’s for the base for
milk drinks but i suppose everyone does it different :)?

radbcc says:

Product is good. Presentation is better. Presenter is best….

coolsimonza says:

Great Video!

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