Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine and Aeroccino Plus milk frother

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Whole Latte Love showcases the Nespresso CitiZ and the Aeroccino Plus milk frother. The ultra sleek Nespresso CitiZ Single Serve Coffee and Espresso Maker ta…


Nicholas P says:

Krups make fantastic machines… The espresso tray does infact fold
downwards so no need to detach when making lungo’s! 

Håvard Solstad says:

“…expresso…”??? It`s calles ESPRESSO Randy, not expresso…

MacAliPro says:

Nice review thanks.

Insane Films says:

I was waiting for you to taste the coffee but you didnt! I want to know how
it compares to semi-automatic machines.

remuspower says:

hey my citiz is very very loud,is that normal?:(

steve nutt says:

the cup holder just folds up when using longer cups, no need to remove
every time……great machine

jessiethe3rd says:

This machine is about the best I have tried… it’s dead simple and 0 fuss.
I have had several expresso machines ranging from stovetop units to fairly
expensive 18 pump expresso machines… all I have to say is there is no
substitute for easy of use at the end of the day. You want a perfect latte
or capp and this machine gets you that every single time. The otehr thing I
like is the pods are sealed so coffee doesn’t go stale which happens with
beans if you do not drink them quickly. FTW!

Haffy Ali says:

Question: can i use diffrent Capsules or do i have to use the Nespresso

wholelattelovetv says:

With semi-automatics, you are able to grind and tamp your own beans so
there will be a taste difference between drinks coming from those and
drinks coming from machines that use prepackaged coffees. As for the
Nespresso CitiZ, the darker capsules will yield a stronger, more robust
flavor so use those for your cappucinos and lattes. The lighter colored
capsules tend to have a lighter, smoother flavor.

wholelattelovetv says:

The Nespresso Citiz only takes the Nespresso capsules

TheKillerBob666 says:

Randy, you don’t have to remove the chrome espresso cup holder in order to
use a large cup, just fold it up. Also the red coffee capsules are Decaf
just like the one you selected. Just so you know !

JVL8701 says:

this is for lazy and unskilled people

cunnypants says:

Some department stores that sell the machines, like The Bay in Canada also
sell the Capsules so no need to order them. 63cents! Nespresso also does 3
LUNGOS size capsules ( the second button on the machine when they did the
bigger cup) which has slightly more coffee in it. You can also by the
Aeroccino in the same style as the Citiz & Milk ( Machine on left they
point to ) to a variety of colours.

Scotty d'Angelo says:

Another piece of advice– on first use the instructions say run the machine
without a capsule several times to rinse out the machine before using. If
you use a capsule on it the first time, 1) the water may not be clean as it
is washing out manufacturing residue, 2) the machine will run without water
on the first half of the timed shot, so you will be only getting half a
shot, rather than a full shot. The reviewers clearly used the machine
before, which is why they got a full shot.

egrudem says:

@ProlapseMcGhee It’s delicious. I’ve hesitated with the automatic machines,
but these seem to be in stores everywhere, with Nespresso representatives
offering free tastings. I had one taste and was a believer!

inturn23 says:

For a latte done the right way, It’s a must to froth your milk first, then
brew your espresso shot, because if your espresso shot sits there for too
long, say 5 to 10 seconds, it looses flavor & won’t mix too well with your
milk. It makes a huge difference 😉

thezoj says:

All I hear is Kevin from The Office.

donatospoony says:

When my wife gave me this unit fort birthday I was disheartened. After 20
Years of waiting I was expecting a “real” expresso maker. I told her I
liked it to humor her. I got the smaller unit devoted just for expresso’s.
When I tasted my first expresso from it I had tears in my eyes. It was just
as good (or better) than any bar /restaurant!. I guess the only thing that
I will wait and see is how reliable it is.

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