Making a Latte on the Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine

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See just how easy it is to make a killer latte at home with this Musica espresso machine.


fabulmanxxx says:

How long does it take since you turn it ON until you can prepare your first
espresso? (heating time). Thanks! Great Vid

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

Hi! The grinder is the MaCap M5D espresso grinder. I wouldn’t recommend it
for a pour over grind as it’s not able to go course enough. Hope that’s

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

@fabulmanxxx Hi There! In my experience, it takes about 10 mins for the
“heating” indicator light to turn off (meaning that the machine is ready to
use). I always give it an extra 5 to heat up the group head more. With
daily use, it can be left on continuously (as long as there is water in the
tank). Of course this isn’t the most energy efficient. I have a customer
who purchased an auto timer-the kind you get at hardware stores- to turn on
the machine each morning automatically.

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

@Paperstar hey thanks ! :0 always nice to have a compliment. Happy pouring!

guitarguy51486 says:

What’s the brand name of the grinder your using in this video? Also, does
it just grind for espresso or can you grind a little courser for a pour

guitarguy51486 says:

It is! Thanks!

Eamonn Doyle says:

I just want it because it lights up…

Patty Lee says:

Hi Liz, Since having the Musica for 2 years would you still give a
recommendation on buying one? Thanks.

winelover215 says:

Hey Liz what grinder are you using here?

Armando Mejia Olvera says:

You are awesome and with all respect you are a beautiful barista;p

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

Hi! Thanks for the question. We only had this machine in our tasting room
for a few months, so I can’t say from direct use day after day. However,
according to our customers who have owned one of these for a few years now,
they’re still really happy with their selection. Hope that’s helpful!

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

@winelover215 Hi there! That’s the MaCap MD5 digital. It’s a little bit
more pricey as it’s intended for commercial use or high end home use. There
are some great direct dose home grinders we offer too….the Nuova
Simonelli ‘Grinta’, as well as the Baratza Vario or Virtuoso. I’m happy to
answer any questions for you in your search for the right grinder – just
email me any time.

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