Making A Latte on a Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine

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I attempt some latte art on the Starbucks Sirena. It’s a great little machine with a very capable thermoblock for steaming.


jin sung Kim says:

hi, What kind of wand are you using on Sirena? I need to replace that one
and it look better than original part. Thank you =)

Argel Castillo says:

Thank you one more thing did you use the same basket that came with the
portafilter I’m only asking because i got a 58mm tamper from ebay and it
did not fit my basket

DrummerKaran512 says:

Don’t over aerate (stretch) your milk too, and make a video showing
yourself attempt to pour latte art so we can see what you need to work on! says:

I used the Sirena double basket and it fit well enough. There’s usually a
slight amount on the sides of the basket but it didn’t bother me. says:

Hi – I used the steam wand tip that was on my Saeco Magic De Luxe espresso
machine. It fits perfectly and it allows you full control of the milk
steaming so you can get microfoam. You can search eBay for: “Saeco parts –
Pannarello Frother Wand for Vienna, Magic” and there is a seller from
Bulgaria that has this part for a great price. I’ve ordered quite a few
parts from him recently and he is a great seller. If you have any more
questions let me know! Thanks for viewing my video! says:

Thanks Drummer for the advice but I have since moved on from the Sirena to
a NS Oscar. I really need help getting latte art on that machine as it
steams super fast. Check out my channel and you can see my latest attempt
at making a latte on the Oscar (hint – it didn’t go to well ) 🙂

Argel Castillo says:

It looks like you used a tamper what kind did you use I’m looking to get
one i have the same machine says:

I use a Rattleware 58mm tamper that I bought from Amazon. It works good and
I also use the same tamper for my NS Oscar.

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