Lavazza Espresso Point

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Mike and Zack from Whole Latte Love show you the versatile Lavazza Espresso Point, which not only makes espresso, but tea, hot chocoloate, and even beef cons…


Nico Tena says:

Check at about 5:02.
What does it sound like he’s says about “nice ??? on top?”
Maybe i’m just hearing it wrong?

angelofdeath275 says:

does this use refillable capsules?

Andrew Battersby says:

you can buy a refillable capsule for this machine so you can use your own
coffee actually

TurkeySandwich75 says:

that’s good. I tend to have a lot of sediment in my water.

DrakeBigSeanWTT says:

the cleaning instructions were great and helpful

wholelattelovetv says:

No it does not. The cartridges are sealed and are for a single use only.

Kevin Fusco says:

Thanks, I would not have figured out how to use this machine without
watching this

FOTO-UNO says:

Great Job!

Neil Matthews says:

nice…but it’s pronounced “lavatt-sa” not “lavarza”

dimitriosart says:

I like your shirts 🙂 I have the machine with the green lights, the blue
leds look cool!

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