La Pavoni EPC-8 Manual Lever Espresso Machine: What’s Brewing #43

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Buy it here: The Europiccola espresso machine by La Pavoni has a chrome base and is triple plated to maintain…


Urbino237 says:

> which grinder did you use, and at what setting?
> thanks!

Forbes Mike says:

Ouch! A downside to a pump machine, the pavoni I just turned off and let
cool off.

Forbes Mike says:

Can’t say I have ever done a double pull on one set of grounds. I do just
fine with the a single pull shot. Pavoni’s are an art though. Grind, tamp
and a bathroom scale a bag of coffee and lots of practice and patience 🙂

Danny Diaz says:

Btw there is a loading circle thing that shows up on the right side of the
tv if you guys were unaware.

VonTrousers says:

Pardon the newbie question, but wouldn’t brewing that second shot through
already “spent” grounds taste bad?

Dave Moffatt says:

i had a delonghi machine before my pavoni, i tamped too hard and ground to
fine, the pressure got so high that the portafilter spun out and smashed
the cup below, a fragment flew out and embedded in my arm, had 4 stitches
to the bastard, sounds far fetched and 1 in million chance but, guess i
broke one too many mirrors ha..

Forbes Mike says:

Probably tamped a smidge too hard, had that happen many a times early on
the pavoni

Dave Moffatt says:

Dude, u don’t have to pull the shot so hard… It might be hard, and the
lever may be metal, but it will still brake

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