La Marzocco Espresso Machine Review with Demetre

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La Marzocco – confers on the buyer a very reliable coffee making capacity. In this video Demetre a master espresso barista working in the Byron Bay region of…


ImSoEdgy says:

I like your vids there original

nen pen says:

Dont stop, youre doing great!

TutorialArias says:

Subscribe to me?

TheGammerBro says:

thumbs up keep it coming

spiderbyte1337 says:

Nice, subbed

vn112203 says:

helped me aloot

ntploan0016789 says:

Ok. Gracias

Diana J Santiago says:

I love how you did that!!

xturbo911csx says:

Do we know what the top 2 espresso machines are? Thanks

NeedHelpEverywhere says:

please make more vids, Im waiting for your next video

dickmillertits says:


TorontoMoldRemoval says:

Were can I find more of your stuff?

TorontoMoldRemoval says:


TorontoMoldRemoval says:

great stuff

konjakugonjaku says:

Cool, gonna watch the rest of your vids now 🙂

ntploan0016789 says:

i never usually comment videos, but i just want to say THANK YOU!? (it took
about 2 mins to? download but it WORKS!)

popocatel007 says:

Nice editing.

Gonzalez Giorgio says:

Holy crud i just accidentally the whole like button.

peder pederkovic says:

lol like it so much

Johnatan Strat says:

das video ist geil

Duc Bui Huu says:

amazing video would love to see more from you

Carlos Miguez says:

Super job!

dragizajc says:

where is donwload,this is very good 🙂

jawz essa says:

Really enjoyed it!

nen pen says:

This videos got a pretty interesting subject. Two thumbs up!

Carlos Miguez says:

8 – I love? it. Ive raped the replay button

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