Krups XP618050 Twin Thermoblock Espresso Machine: What’s Brewing #60

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The Krups XP618050 Twin Thermoblock Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine allows you to make elegant coffee drinks at home with ease while giving you barista-style…

Comments says:

Nice machine! One thing you guys forgot to mention is that it has
programmable shot buttons. Also I read on some forum that even though this
is a twin thermoblock machine, you cannot steam and brew at the same time.
Is this true?

4eyesBilly says:

If you go to the Krups website, the accessories state that this machine
DOES come with single wall filters in single and double shot size and an
Anticalc filter.

4eyesBilly says:

This machine was designed by Australian Barista champion, Paul Bassett and
started life as a Sunbeam EM6900 and was released in around 2005. A revised
model was released a little later which is the model I have, the EM6910.
The matching grinder for this model in Australia is the EM0480. The
Australian models do have an anticalc filter within the water tank and on
the back door there is a backflushing disc. There are many Sunbeam
instructional videos on YouTube and also a number of user videos

wholelattelovetv says:

Thanks! Yes, this machine does have programmable shot buttons. The twin
thermoblock set-up allows you to switch between brewing and steaming
rapidly but not simultaneously.

4eyesBilly says:

The Australian version of this machine (Sunbeam EM6910, sold here for 5+
years). I am able to start the extraction and texture milk at the same
time. Twin thermoblocks and twin pumps make this possible. Mains power
voltage differences between the US (110/120 volts) and Australia (220/240
volts) may make this more difficult in the US.

TheNatchers says:

nice review! I know you’ve been doing these for ages but I’m sure advise
would be welcomed…? no well here it is anyway, Mark seems to be telling
Morgan about the machine rather than us and there is no need for Morgan to
“uh ha” everything he says before she speaks. It’s kind of annoying. Just
my opinion, and it’s not gonna stop me watching (it might)

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