Krups XP5240 Pump Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp System (ItemSea)

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More Info At: * Pump espresso machine with 1400-watt thermoblock heating syst…


Tadya Teripta says:

This coffee maker makes great, hot coffee. It just brews it up right with
no fuss. I have paired mine with a #4 Swiss Gold permanent filter and
absolutely love it. This coffee maker does nothing but make good coffee. It
doesn’t tell time, it doesn’t have any automatic functions, it doesn’t have
alternate settings – you just push the brew button and it brews great
coffee every time.


The machine makes great espresso but the steam wand has broken.The wand is
poorly designed flimsy plastic that cannot hold up to the heat and pressure
needed to make the froth.

bogmasher says:

Onto my 3rd frother nozzle in just 5 weeks of use…. good machine…. let
down by a terrible milk frother! I have asked Krups to send me 12
replacements to last for the whole 2 year guarantee, but surprisingly
haven’t heard anything back yet.

sihwan kim says:

I don’t like the plastic tip of steamer. most of espresso machine has metal
tips because plastic produce some environemental hormones in hot
temperature. They don’t have any common sense..

Laura Besley says:

What is the point of this video???? Total waste of time!

Ahmed Alrizqi says:

It’s bad quality

covertbabo says:

Thanks for that $1 bill, I thought you were a dwarf and the machine was tiny

Jason Urgo says:

@bogmasher lol I’m on my 3rd as well but in about 1 1/2 years. Did the
exchanges through bed bath and beyond where I got it. This 3rd one I’ve
been extremely gentle with the frother (i.e. try not to ever touch it) and
it seems better.

Jason Urgo says:

@StrictlyMagical I really want to get a comparative price searching system
on the website to answer exactly these questions but I think like $225 or
so from a quick search.

Rolf Steiner says:

Good job bro! Thank you! I’ll use yor information totally!

Viktor Orbán says:


FlaggyFilms says:

Do you get the dollar with the machine? Greatest demonstration of an
electrical product by the use of mime and without actually switching it on
that I’ve ever seen.

Jason Urgo says:

@farphantom I have had the steamer break on me twice now. Can you suggest
an alternative?

tomil2002 says:


Yanesmeister says:

I believe he uses the dollar as a reference for the size of the machine…

Sir Wanker says:

WTF dude?! what are you trying to do with that dollar??!! make a coffy for
fuck sake!

Telekon5 says:

I received this product as a gift, and I would not recommend it to anyone.
Do not purchase this machine. The froth nozzle attachment is faulty. It
relies on 3 plastic snap claws that aren’t up to the task. The nozzle keeps
shooting off due to steam pressure and eventually one of the plastic claws
breaks. Do your research on this product and you will see I’m not making
this up.

James McCarthy says:

Cost? :O

Carla Mello Moreira says:

Thank you for the information about the parts of the coffee machine and its
size, dimension.

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