Krups Pump Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp System

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Inspired by experts and demanding consumers with uncompromising standards of performance and quality, krups products have been built with three key attribute…


brian reid says:

I can’t even get mildly hot coffee from it. Lukewarm at best despite trying
everything. And as for getting a creamer… Forget it. MEGA

Trisoc9 says:

didnt find any positive comments, i was just about to buy one like these,
thank you for saving me some money

Tadya Teripta says:

This coffee maker makes great, hot coffee. It just brews it up right with
no fuss. I have paired mine with a #4 Swiss Gold permanent filter and
absolutely love it. This coffee maker does nothing but make good coffee. It
doesn’t tell time, it doesn’t have any automatic functions, it doesn’t have
alternate settings – you just push the brew button and it brews great
coffee every time.


The machine makes great espresso but the steam wand has broken.The wand is
poorly designed flimsy plastic that cannot hold up to the heat and pressure
needed to make the froth.

Jesse Lee says:

made in china… Is that why there are so many complaints on amazon?

z gao says:

same problem here! frothing nozzle rushes off too often!

nullquible90 says:

I can’t live a day with my cup of coffee! I got some good blend tips at
coffeeloverstipsandtricks (.) com

emmaeelgarcia says:

The plastic vapor nozzle on my machine broke. It cracked due to the steam.
When I first bought it a bit over a year ago my machine never really
worked. It would just spit out steam instead of actual vapor.

Homevillagestore says:

Machine is Made in China . Krups offers a 2 year manufacturer warranty on
this product.

Frottog says:

I agree that the steam nozzle is kinda cheap. Mine broke off when I ran it
empty to test to see if it was clogged – a normal thing to do with a
counter-top espresso machine for cleaning – and it just broke off. What
happens is the heat weakens the plastic too much. However I think if you
clean it diligently(no manual was available when we bought it and had to
guess, really) you can make it last longer but I’m sure that it needs
replacement every 6 months or so.

Apokolohypnotis says:

Where can I buy a non-pressurized, classic, portafilter ?

Ryan Madrid says:

Same thing happens to me! In fact the actual gasket of the nozzle already
cracked due to the heat so I can’t froth my milk anymore. The auto-tamp
feature is okay, but sometimes the coffee needs to be tamped further so I
have to push harder. Now the handle on the filter is slightly wobbly. Well,
the thing is pretty old though. And this thing’s pretty cheap compared to
other machines but pulls decent shots. So I guess this is okay afterall.

bogmasher says:

I use the machine almost everyday and the nozzle broke within the first
week. I then read up on the problem and ordered/paid for 2 new ones for
£23.90 + delievery. I am now down to the last of these 3 nozzles (the heat
is too much for the type of plastic used and eventually splits at the top
and steam pours out). I am not really prepared to spend £23.90 every other
month just for my milk frother to work correctly. I have asked Krups to
send me a replacement, but haven’t heard anything back.

Homevillagestore says:

If you believe your product is defective call 1-800-526-5377 for the
address of the nearest authorized Krups Service Center.)

Frottog says:

Don’t remove the nozzle after installing except to replace it. It requires
a tight seal that is weakened even if you simply turn the wand around the
rubber attachment. Always clean by wiping off the wand and steaming a small
cup of water under it. Don’t use too much at a time or it will overheat the
plastic. When it breaks, always replace all removable components(nozzle and
the part that screws onto the metal).

Telekon5 says:

I received this product as a gift, and I would not recommend it to anyone.
Do not purchase this machine. The froth nozzle attachment is faulty. It
relies on 3 plastic snap claws that aren’t up to the task. The nozzle keeps
shooting off due to steam pressure and eventually one of the plastic claws
breaks. Do your research on this product and you will see I’m not making
this up.

z gao says:

Hi How is it with your Krups coffee machine now? I bought one 3 months ago
and the nozzle just kept on rushes off during frothing. I think the
pressure is not stable inside and when it gets too strong then the tube get
too hot and plastic malfunctions somehow. Now I am scrared everyday when I
am making coffee about this!

z gao says:

crappy shit! the nozzle rushes off by steam every week and at the same time
I have a milk shower! What the fuck shall I do! want the money back!

Homevillagestore says:

As of January 2011 . All KRUPS products come with a 2 year manufacturer

John RossStar says:

what group/song is this playing?

dandini90 says:

Anyone knows machine made in China?

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