krups espresso machine

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The Krups XP3040 is the best espresso I have tasted in a home machine. Always perfect. Easy to use. Excellent taste Cost effective.


Sondre Kristensen says:

Master of intro!

dickhead says:

I have 3 of these machines that i run multiple times on a daily basis. Just
give it 10 minutes to warm up and you will be set to go. Actually, it won’t
even take that long but to be sure, I’d give it 10 minutes.

Holly Rose says:

What do you do when the orange indicator light doesn’t work lol? I just got
this krups xp3040 for free…if i knew the time it took for it to heat up
properly, I think I can make it work. Do you know?

Adam Scheidt says:

sweet! what a deal! I am currently trying to find another one to bring to
the office! Thanks for watching the video!

Adam Scheidt says:

small appliances . com (youtube will not let me post a link here) this is
XP 4030. You can also Google – Replacement brew basket for Krups espresso
machine. Good Luck !

Apokolohypnotis says:

Hey, can you tell me where can I buy a filter basket like that? If not even
with the portafilter … I have a xp 2240 and I don’t like the portafilter
and I want to modify it, make it a non-pressurized one … Thanks

Benn McNasty says:

Thanks for the video, I bought this machine at a yard sale for $8, and I
wasn’t sure how to use it.

ijustwannabeadrummer says:

thank you for upload!..i was using the steam option on the left thinking
that was to heat up the was causing leaking over the filter
basket ,i have been doing that for a month or so..this video set me
straight..thx for upload bro and the terminology .. happy brewing

Adam Scheidt says:

Hey, no problem. I am really glad it was helpful! Peace!

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