Krups Espresso Machine EA8200

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Year update! The brown truck just delivered the Krupps today. After unpacking and setup, made som…


POL128 says:

After almost two years, noticing the o-rings in the piston starting to wear
and leaking coffee when it pistons. I ordered the whole plastic piston
assembly rather than two o-rings as it was cheaper to actually buy the
whole assembly. Wasn’t too hard changing it (need a torx screw-driver with
two sizes) getting the top off and then removing the piston. Cleaned out
the inside. Was a little tricky putting it back in, mainly because of that
“spring” that I have yet to figure out what is its function. Now it works
great and getting better espresso. Was going to do a video (esp on how to
remove the top…just remove all the torx screws and then carefully pry
with a flat-head till it pops off), but not sure if anyone would be

AutomotiveGroupBuys says:

Phenomenal Video. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this. It is
the reason I just ordered mine!

bamsefar1 says:

I am looking to buy the krups ea 8200 used. Very useful to watch your
video. Thanks 🙂

emil3m1 says:

The coffee seems to come out nearly transparent. Maybe it’s the video? From
what I’ve seen so far, espresso shots usually look black when they are
coming out. Would you be able to post an update video now that it’s been a
year? Perhaps into a glass cup if possible. Would really help my
decision–thank you!

POL128 says:

When you make the espresso there is a setting of how big you want your shot
to be, 0.7 oz thru 2.3 oz. Obviously, the 0.7 oz is less water, therefore,
more dark/concentrated. I usually set it up for 0.7 oz and use a 50/50 mix
of the house espresso bean (oily) and a less oily bean. The machine has an
“oily bean” attachment, but after awhile had some stickiing during the
grinding and the mixed bean seems to flow better. You get a nice “dark”
espresso this way, esp after 3 shots.

mikenismo12 says:

I have a brand new one on ebay that I am selling for over 50% off the new
price. If you would like more information please reach out to me and
perhaps we can work out a deal!

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