Kenwood kmix ES 021 Espresso Machine : Coffee Maker iGyaan Studio

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HLM190586 says:

When I think kenwood, I think car stereo, not coffee maker lol

realdan8899 says:

white coffee? xD

nishant553 says:

nice review…but i think you should go for cafe coffee day’s WAKE CUP
espresso machine…much cheaper at Rs 4,500 and very easy to use. just got
it 2 days ago and m loving it !!!! there is even a video of it on
youtube…just search WAKE CUP by cafe coffee day.

Ji Hoon Ko says:

“Thanks For The Review!!”

swagat behera says:

nice video .. first of its kind for the indian viewers.:)

Vivek Shah says:

More review please, with an actual cup of coffee…

RomirBan14 says:

Nice going Bharat! To the person who asked “do we need a review for a
coffee machine?” … I say “why the ….. not?” I look forward to the full
review, Bharat! I love a good cup of coffee and am even more envious of you
and your office staff … first the coolest gadgets to review and now this!
Icing on the cake buddy! You and your team deserve it, keep it up!

scientist375 says:

why dont u unbox and review the worlds cheapest 3d home printer made by
Karan Satish Chaphekar…..The printer costs Rs 37000 – 40000
…………….You can contact him by adding him on fb or see his youtube
channel called karandex…………… with a 3d printer , you can design
something on the computer as a digital file and give a print command and
within minutes you have a 3d physical plastic object…..ive got 1 printer
like that from him!!!!

Hashim Zaman says:

MasterChef india part 2…. Lolzzz It’s MasterChef India season 2

mrnamanoj007 says:

this is showing negative part of the machine…Indians always want to drink
more cofee..but the machine is not even able to fit the small cups and
glass… do we have to fight with the machine to fit the cup???? I Did not
like this product

shivam sehgal says:

@igyaan (bharat) you say you buy this for your office so you have a office
for unboxing or what??? please reply

Rohith Arora says:

Great going Bharat. I think it was very cool for u to load the video as it
clears most of the doubts that a person will have regarding the product.
Would seriously have loved to see u making a cup of coffee finally…Cheers

Puneet Dhawan says:

dude the review was pretty awesome and even i am planning to get a Morphy
Richards Frother Cofe rica……… it will be gr8 if u please show up the
process in detail…… thanks and regards….

37mrpaul says:


Deep Ganatra says:

How is it? Good / Bad / Ok? Maintenance – difficult or simple?

telclass says:

Hi – thanks for the review. Critical questions – How hot is the coffee? It
needs to be piping hot – otherwise bacteria biulds up in the pipes – bad
affair…. Is it frothy compared to the large machines in the bars? – How
does it compare?

MrIhba says:

umm then we need reviews for only electronic gadgets like mobiles,tablets
etc not this dumb coffee maker

sanjeet tandle says:

yes i need a full review of a coffee machine. i am impressed to see someone
reviewing “signature products”. i need a tea maker machine. could u show me

madhawan misra says:

Next unboxing- Durex Ultra Comfort. Thumbs up

Gagan Sial says:

just bought this machine how do u make a nice strong espresso.. how do u
adjust the strength of coffee

shivam sehgal says:

hey please full review

ajaya2710 says:

It all depends on the coffee, if you want it more bitter I recommend
extracting it longer.

shibu2020 says:

What ingenious way of thinking …when in doubt i do revert to YOUTUBE for
a Video review myself. So when no review available – JUST REVIEW IT
YURSELF… looks like you guys wear the thinking cap on and that adds the
uniqueness to this channel. Good Show IGYAAN!

cioxide says:

nice review, bought it after watching, on next week will get

picool13 says:

please full review

omar khalid says:

just got that machine i think its an awesome machine since i cant buy a
500$ one which i find too expansive, best one i always find is at Costa
Coffee which is almost similar to a price of a car 😀

yoyo2k1 says:

Thanks for the review !

shivam sehgal says:

i think first time bharat will seeing instruction booklet

priyank shrivastava says:

Unexpected but a awesome video.

Manish Shukla says:

hey igyaan, i have a wifi capable phone and a laptop and a broadband
connection. i want to connect both using broadband. please suggest me
something i can use for doing so. i dont have much knowledge about these
things. thanks

Timesn0w says:

keep it up bharat … diffrent product review from usual gadgets … very
refreshing !! 🙂 expect more like this from igyaan

priyank shrivastava says:

Hey bharat when you are going to unbox htc titan 2, it has got 16 mp
camera…i am a great fan of Igyaan…keep it up.

puneet bali says:

is it still working? any issues with the product?

suyog patil says:

bitch please

safal bhandare says:

whats next….a dildo?

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