Izzo Alex Duetto II – espresso machine first review

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We just got the new Alex Duetto espresso machine unpacked and show you first hand some of the features. The first attempt of Latte Art failed but there is mo…


joeshrink says:

The Izzo Alex Duetto II is not a HX machine, but a true dual-boiler
machine. The Izzo Alex II (no Duetto in the name of the machine) is the HX
version of the same machine. It looks like this video features the
two-boiler version of the machine, but the title of the video suggests that
it is the HX model. This is probably in error.

joeshrink says:

No problem! The Dual Boiler (Duetto) is a great machine, I can say from

espressoplanet says:

Thanks for pointing this out. Indeed our error and we apologize for the

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