Italian Funny Espresso Machine

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Have you ever confused American Express with an espresso machine company? Well this Italian lady has!


Massimo Crea says:

This is brilliant

Selina Chieco says:


Smexi Chicxx says:

Haha I love this! :’)

Marco Rizzo says:

Awesome, I don’t have other words, the only thing that I can say is

Massy Biagio says:


Russell Martinez says:

Ha ha ha ah ahahaa thats funny as fuck ! but when that fucking mario face
came up…… OMG… i cryed out loud! jejejeje fucking italians they are
funny… but dont mess with cicilian dudes cuz they think their the
padrino! just remember the god father!

Big Bad Nick 1967 says:

LOL@ 4:58 manca gooma inside is brooken

Crasci Ivan says:

rompiri i palli a fuck you.., lol very nice , I love it

eve2360 says:

this is the funniest video I’ve heard.. Forza Rosina!

Andrea Ferrantelli says:

@MrTheLionKing86 yes sir, I agree…I was in Calabria last year, and I have
close friends there. I have written “I am rather annoyed by this Italian
stereotype.”, and I wanted to point the finger to the stereotype (which
started from Italian immigrants ages ago)…I wasn’t probably clear enough
in my original post. My friends from Reggio are very far from this lady 😉
my apologies if I sounded too generic in my comment.

kn1ghtstemplar says:

Pakistanocchio, ridere e pensa va*****lo. Mi piace molto e dunque voglio un
esspresso corretto, grazie,lol.

Bona Fide says:

You must-a be really fuck-em-up!

flexxman1964 says:


Luz1055 says:

OMG…thanks for the laugh. This video made my day. I had Italian
boyfriends growing up and this reminds me of Peter’s Mother to a T!!! Don’t
piss an Italian woman FOR SURE!!!


io sono italiana e questo video è fottutamente divertente !

plfj222 says:

2 funny

rosey r says:

Typical racist Sicilians!!!! Abusive!

galicula20 says:

La fine del mondo hahahaha

princessff86 says:

sti cazzi pakistani veniti ka e non capisciti nu cazz’e nent!! best line
ever cuz its so true hahah

csensr88 says:

hahaahahah questo video è un preferito di mi!!!!!!!!!!!! che buffo!!!

jelca21 says:

i non go strippy strip, i no pay strippy strip! now fucka you and leave me
alone! haha LOVE IT!

Naomi Cognomi says:

@camel283232 ridicolous, first you are not italian but australian, second i
don’t hear anyone speaking italian in this video, except a horrible wrong

JoJo Thompson says:

OMG, hilarious! Calmita tu catz!

oirartnoc says:


Andrea Ferrantelli says:

This video is funny indeed ;-D however, let me stress that the lady is
speaking a Southern Italian dialect (from Calabria, very close to Sicily).
My point is that, being a Northerner from the Alps, I am rather annoyed by
this Italian stereotype. With all the respect due to my Southern
countrymates, we are VERY different, culturally and even antropologically.
For historical, geographical, climatic reasons. More than e.g. somebody
from Montreal somebody from Southern California.

mrdogs2134 says:

LOL i luv this vid !!


its true jarut, wat an ugly name

Naomi Cognomi says:

this is an unknown language in italy, nobody in italy speaks with that
horrible loud disgusting accent

italianstalian68 says:

hay this was really funny when i showed my grandma she laughed really hard
were italian too thx!!!!

iCarluccio says:

Just by that comment I wanna say I love you.. You’re hilarious! It’s so true

HotGaz says:


mrdogs2134 says:


lovosazul says:

LMAO! Top stuff! Thanks for posting! Cheers=D

sara choi says:

So funny can’t stop watching it helpa-me helpa-me!!

Vinny S. says:

This is great. If you’re not Italian (and don’t understand the dialect),
then you’re missing half the funny parts! ROFL

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