Introducing Julian and his orginal espresso machine

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This is my friend Julian. He made designed his own espresso machine that took the bulky parts and hid them under the table to better allow customers to see t…


gamedevsa says:

and stop calling him Jules, it sounds gay. Nice video though!

Micah Montoya says:

The first shot of jules’ face was awkward and made him look creepy, shoot
from a more flattering angle next time lol

DocUnsane says:

0:05 why such an insane closeup?

David Douglas Stuart says:

@DocUnsane good question. I edited the footage some time after I shot it. I
didn’t have any other face shots in the same batch – so I used it.

Morgan Daly says:

Very cool story Dave. I can imagine that machine poking up out of kitchen
benches all over the country.

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