Illy Francis Francis Y1 espresso machine review

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The title says it all.


Etienne Alblas says:

Thanks for the review. I got one of these from a friend who didn’t like it
but I thought it was broken because my cup would just overflow. The machine
wouldn’t stop but now I understand that it is supposed to behave like that.
I think it’s pretty stupid that my €20,- crap coffee machine stops by
itself and this relatively expensive one doesn’t, but I suppose I’ll just
have to get used to that. Thanks again.

Rohan Sood says:

You asshole…

Chris Carey says:

if it was Italian, wouldn’t it be called Francisco Francisco?

thejeffroth says:

Thanks, my friend Craig made it.

ResidentGudio says:

No, that’s Spanish — Italian would be “Francesco, Francesco.”

ScottyLambert87 says:

Where is the art from that is behind you?!? It is AMAZING!

vermouth07 says:

I love it! OOOHHHH SHAZAM!! lmfao

davidlerital90 says:

Where is this francis francis y1 made? Italy?

thePowerPlant says:

How’s the weight of the machine? Does it feel heavy for its size?

thejeffroth says:

@thePowerPlant Yeah but I don’t move it much.

aliGrey55 says:

just wanted to thank you for posting this video , I have the same machine
and i also have nespresso machine . I love the design and color scheme of
this machine and the fact its metal and glass , love that 🙂 but there is a
huge draw back and thats a taste of the water , water in reservoir gets a
plastic taste to it , which kills the espresso . I dont know why is that ,
maybe since reservoir is under the cups heater or basically crapy plastic
material ???

thejeffroth says:

@lorenei One is all you can use. There’s not an auto shut off so you have
to stand there for 30 seconds for the coffee to come out. I generally don’t
warm it up so I can slam the entire cup before I get in the shower in the
morning. Then I’m wired and out the door.

Jason B says:

Dont you feel just a bit feminine or maybe homosexual drinking from a cup
that you hold with your pinky? Does your wife know that you have been
exploring the “other” team?

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