How To Use Your Espresso Machine – Delicious Cappuccino & Espresso Low Fat & Sugar Free

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An easy way to learn how to use your espresso machine. Once you learn the basics on how the machine works you can get creative adding more flavors or using a…


Michelle Arroyo says:

My Mr.Coffee is different, but functions the same, it appears. One thing I
don’t know is how to clean the metal canister inside. I’ve had my machine
for years and never used it, now I want to try to use it. You make it look
so simple, so I know I can perform your easy method, but only if I can
clean the inside. Any advice? 

Bonnie Kalvans says:

I just bought one of these at a yard sale for $15. Brand new. I live a low
carb lifestyle so sugar free is a must. I use Stevia. However, I’m
wondering if I could use heavy cream instead of milk.

queenminaable says:

THANK YOU!!! I just saw the machine at Walmart. Came home and got online to
do my “homework”.. thank you for simplifying the process. Seeing it in a
video, versus reading the instructions alone, would prob be too
confusing!.. I’m so ready to get started!! <3

nyissa77 says:

Wow thank you so much! I’ve had a machine for 15 years and have never used
it, but now I know how – I’m confident!

Walter Mall says:

Thanks, very helpful.. bought same machine and it came with no manual..

Tiemein says:

HAHA I get that alot! it’s a hand held mixer stand.. cracked me

Jenmiller23 says:

Thank you! I just bought a Mr. Coffee today. This video is going to help me
out so much!

Tiemein says:

Sorry, It was a basic know how to use the machine sort of Video. I did
mention that you can experiment to make your own preferred version however,
if you want a crema heavy coffee then use half the water.

Arthur Esqueda says:


Trevor Rose says:

Diabetic here, too. Ever try stevia to sweeten your espresso?

cuffell says:

you rock!! and remember follow instructions dont want to make a mess in the
kitchen lol

4patchwork20 says:

This helped so much thank you. I don’t understand the instructions

incmob says:

great video, i have the same machine, thank you for sharing!

Tiemein says:

The cappuccino method is the same for a latee, since I use milk instead of
cream it really is a latee what I make in the video. Some may want to use
half and half or heavy cream if they don’t mind the extra calories and fat

danielkettner says:

Then use truvia or any other natural sugar-free sweetener. Do not poison
yourself, I believe being diabetic is more than enough. You are what you

dannat2000 says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Tiemein says:

Just the basics on how to use your can experiment with less
water to make it more crema rich.

S Grimes says:

Thanks got this machine for $6 @ Goodwill today. Since it had no
instructions this really helped.

Baccus93 says:

eh-spress-oh 🙂

Tiemein says:

I did try stevia and really loved the taste..but I soon developed an
allergic reaction.. :”(

bc says:

bustelo is cuban

danielkettner says:

This is a steam espresso machine which has nothing in common with real
espresso making. Do not mislead people. One questions explains everything:
where’s the crema? I was actually testing this particular machine and
besides the bad coffee the steamer is pretty powerless… If any of you
wants to start your barista adventure AND DO IT RIGHT from the begining use
any pump espresso machine, nothing fancy yet real. Mr. Coffee ECMP50
(around $90 on ebay) will do just right for the beginners. Cheers!

Tiemein says:

For the crema effect is best to use less water … sorry I did not mention
that in the video was really showing a basic way on how to use the
machine.. I think most people find that after knowing how to use the
mechanical parts of the machine they then explore more options and try
different ways of making their own true way of making coffee to their
individual taste.

Christina S says:

Thank you for this very informative video! It was the first one I found
after googling it. Just bought a second hand Mr. Coffee from Goodwill and
the cashier asked me, “do you know how to use this?” I said Nope but I will
soon! hehehe now I can stop buying crazy expensive lattes from coffee
shops. Thanks again!

Tiemein says:

Sorry, I know there are many things out there that may contribute to cancer
but as a diabetic I am not finding much choices out there … In the video
I express that I use the aspartame but folks can use sugar or whatever
their preferred sweetener may be.

peg misencik says:

thank you , a friend just gave us his old espresso machine just like this
one and no manual, ive never made my own espresso, now ill use it, it looks
fun and delicious, thanks so much it was very helpful.

Joshua Calvert says:

yu fail, yu have no idea what the fuck your doing lol. stupid american

nafzarm1 says:

Thanks for the video! I just want to suggest that you use Stevia or agave
nectar instead of Aspartame. As aspartame causes cancer and is generally
dangerous. I try to avoid sugar as well and I find these substitutes to be
very useful and healthy!

Tiemein says:

I am freaked out enough about the Aspartame YIKES! wish there was a real
natural sweetener for diabetics…. 🙁

tieshaglover says:

thanks, I just got an expresso machine and this was helpful

Tiemein says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stevia..but it gave me a rash under my chin and neck.
Very weird..Doc said was the stevia.. 🙁

leoblazer74 says:

Thank you, I just got a mr. coffee maker, and wasn’t sure how to use the
milk steamer part and this helped a lot

Matt Angelucci says:

Hey, nice classic diner “tan china” coffee cup!

Birdiemama says:

I’ts a handheld blender holder lmao ( MR. MONKEY EARS ) you’re so funny!

Patricia Nuri says:

I appreciate you showing me ‘how’ to ue this machine. Thank you!

ShannonMariexoxo says:

Thank you!!

Mari Bella says:

I think you broke this down really well! nice job! Don’t pay attention to
lame losers on here who have nothing positive to say, people love to
complain and pass judgement! I like your video and appreciate it! 😉 P.S.
My brother has diabetes and using aspartame is actually really horrible!
Try using raw sugar they sell cane sugar at whole foods! A little goes a
long way and it doesn’t have that nasty after taste like sweet and low! 🙂

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