How to use the Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker | Williams-Sonoma

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The Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker comes in a sleek design making it easy to fit it into the kitchen or in the office space. Williams-Sonoma Product Expert K…


Marvin Cruz says:

dislike, misleading info

Vincent Kaniatobe says:

Baby, the Tassimo ain’t got nothing on the Nespresso! Try it, you won’t
just like it, you’ll love it!

Marvin Cruz says:

Ah, then I’m doing it wrong lol. my double shot means I press the espresso
button twice using the same capsule hahah 🙂 thanks for this tip

Cory Sarzotti says:

this one i have just pulls hot water.

mechdiff says:

The milk frother won’t steam your milk like she says. It is just froths and
heats. I also don’t believe that you can run a double shot. The capsules
only have enough coffee to make a single shot unless you are using a lungo

Travis C says:

anyways a single shot from a capsule is diluted compared to semi-auto
barista machines. it just lack the body and the full flavor. I will only
recommend if you need a caffeine fix in the office without spending 15 mins
to grind and pull off a shot while your boss is looking at you and
wondering which department are you from.

Carmen Herranz-Carr says:


Vincent Kaniatobe says:

your right!!! Williams Sonoma produced these videos, and not very well.

KaxiLaxi says:

yeah but ..i dont know its not the same the originals does it better..

caramelnoose says:

So many so called coffee experts incorrectly referring to the Lungo button
as a double shot. The lungo simply pushes more water through the capsule
giving you a longer but diluted drink. A true ‘double shot’ is when you use
two capsules in one cup. My favourite drink is a Latte with double or
sometimes even a treble shot of espresso.

Vincent Kaniatobe says:

Bad video, horrible presenter, its not a double shot, its a lungo cup, or
long cup. A double shot is two single espresso together. Its all wrong what
she saying…I would be pissed if I was nespresso, they hacked the whole
system…Williams Sonoma someone needs to edit your scripts. You did the
same crap to the new Starbucks machine.

CaitlinCooks says:

I LOVE this product – I can’t live without it! It’s also great for making
delicious espresso quickly for desserts (tiramisu, chocolate espresso
cookies). I reccomend the Dulsao de Brasil and Rosabaya Indriya 🙂 Great
video – yum!

MrWAROCK says:

greatly helped us

Jenniffer Heinig says:

Still a LOT of work!! TASSIMO is my machine yeah yeah!

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