How to Use an Espresso Machine

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Making the perfect cup of Espresso for a Real Man, not for any wimps.


Michelle says:

Whipping is for wimps

4EDEEDEE says:

Only Wimps put the steamed milk and chocolate in it. When you give it, give
it RAW!!!!

mathieu traas says:

Yeah but that guy his tamping is for WIMPS

mko101 says:

Men don’t bother with milk..

GoogleIs VeryStupid says:

you dont grind the beans. oh wait… thats a german cup

Ahmed Makhlouf says:

1- i do like this funny guy 😀 ! this part of surprise what ever cup is
damn funny mate 😉 2- after i download the video ! dude i came back to GIVE
U A LIKE ! thank u 😉

Zhiwei Gu says:

Want to make a cup of coffee, but don’t know how to. Searched Google, and
finally found Youtube is the best way to find “how to” topic:
How to Use an Espresso Machine

calvin wong says:

awesome. ;D

covertbabo says:

Are you sure it’s okay to run it that long? Lately I cut it at around 30
seconds, because I read that extraction time matters. So that leaves me
with 2 x 30 ml (2 x 1 fl. oz.) for a double shot

quick1001001 says:

The video was ok… But real men drink black coffee not some wussified
version of a Latte.. Lmao

shameldiesel says:

Nice video.. Thanks

NombreNoImporta says:

Try decaf…lol

xxxbads33dxxx says:

wow this guy is tweaked! ” a normal shot is for wimps!” hahaha. dude! just
snort the espresso! dont be a pus.

lafactful says:

What brand is this? And a model?

AnimalTheUnleashed says:

You r funny

rtsJaxo says:

you do the same, but complain at the same time

freeze187 says:

The whisk is so small because it’s for matcha!

Jerrad Gindlesberger says:

Great vid thanks! for the record real men do not have whiskey in there
coffee real men love Jesus! whiskey in your coffee makes you a drunken
insult to real man! I thought the video was awesome!

Alexei Alexev says:

“here is a…complete cup of…latte-americana-mocha…whatever-surprise!”
:)))))))))))))))) funny! and if this isn’t funny then you’re a wimp! 🙂

pav2k says:

real men dont drink milk! sorry

caffeinesa says:

hahaha good one

infiiiiiiiinity says:

This doesn’t really look like a manly cup of coffee. Just sayin’.

Punkass Moron says:

instead of mocha powder use a sprinkling of ur periods

Starr Banuelos says:

Chai Latte?

SRR1213 says:

Shut your fuckin’ mouth and just watch the video, pussy.

Pam Webb says:

You’re so funny! You’re a “real man”! ROFLOL Thanks for the “how to” on
espresso making. I still can’t screw that coffee filter into the machine!

Mony368 says:

aproximatly 7000 people die of caffeine overdoes from coffee alone at least
we know they died happy

CaptainPositron says:

Yea, I looked into it but all I could do was foam the milk. :/ It was worth
a shot.

blacktim1708 says:

I’ve always wanted to know how to do this. thanks!

pixelradius says:

The small whisk was used to make Matcha tea.

nikkilee911 says:

HA! If you wanted me to believe this was a manly drink, you should have had
metallica or pantera playing in the background. not Pachelbel or whatever
the heck that was! LOL!! Cute video though. What model is your espresso
maker? I like it!

Darren Dias says:

Great video mate!

saladbowlhenry says:

get a boom mic, yo!

Twats onroad says:

If it’s for ‘wimps’ why do you still have them

xKiwiBananax says:

LOL. I legit watched this cause im going to be making espressos at work..
Guess I know how to make a ‘manly’ cup of coffee ahaha

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