How to use a Stovetop Espresso Maker

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I take a look at how you can make a great cup of coffee using a stovetop espresso maker, or sometimes called a Moka Pot. These are very easy to use once you …


Dan Morgan says:

Actually, I use pre-ground espresso. Occasionally I will actually get some
grounds in my coffee. I still like the brand for price and quality so I’ll
carry on but at least now I know what’s going on.

americansensei says:

can/should I use regular coffee that I might use in say a Mr. Coffee..
Yuban, Folgers? this type of stuff or is there a special type???

Francia Escobar says:

Thank you so much I did it all wrong this morning putting hot water and
coffe together at the bottom but I will get it right tomorrow, thank to

TomBVoxman says:

Thanks for the informative video, great job! My drink of choice is a 20oz
Americano. What is your recommendation on how to achieve this with the 6
cup Moka Pot? I just purchased one. Also, I usually buy the regular
coffee beans. Is that acceptable or should I be purchasing espresso beans?

How many tablespoons of coffee grounds? How much water after the brew is
done? Thanks in advance!

Haupia Nacorda says:

I’ve always wanted to get an espresso pot but never knew how to work it. I
usually leave that to the baristas at my coffee shop. But now I will
purchase a pot and make my own cup. Thank you so much for the instructions
and the explanations on why things are done a certain way.

Rosie Posie says:

Just what I needed, thanks! :)

berty Berry says:

Extremely helpful video! just one question, what is the ratio of ground
coffee to a single shot of espresso. Many Thanks 

Vwkarman2 says:

I was recently given one of these. I had no clue what to do with it until I
watched your video. Thank you very much. 

Tamara D'Agata Malecki says:

Of all the videos on this subject, this was the most helpful on home
espresso making with the pictured espresso maker. It gave me a time
element, and it also showed me that my heat was a bit too high when I made
mine. Thank you.

GamerGirll69 says:

is this made of aluminum…?

toothpik00 says:

To the owner of the video: Well done, this is a great intro for first time
Moka Potters 🙂

thegrapplinghookGB13 says:

I’ve got the six cup Bialetti. Love it. Agreed about the lack of crema,
however, what you had was far more than I end up with. I’ll try lesser heat
as you mentioned, but curious about what roast of coffee beans you use…?

HauskojaVideoita says:

Thank you from the very good review of making coffee. SUBBED!

1988198k says:


kusurikopukalie says:

It makes perfect espresso and doesn’t leak like other do. It is really
heavy and sturdy. I hope to have this cafetera forever! here is the link to
it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to13wzIXG

tre cruel says:

Great guide, thanks!

Albert Aguirre says:

Thank you!

RetroMajskolbe says:

Great video. Thanks.

Guide2Coffee says:

Hi QueenAlishba Wow there are so many options available it will be a matter
of finding whats available near you. Bialetti is the brand who
manufacturers the original (tried and tested – but probably not the
cheapest) however you could try brands such as Bodum, or pop into a
homewares/kitchen store near you to see whats available. What you can
expect to pay will vary depending on the size you want

TheJimbob83 says:

Great video. I have a question, my coffee still came out a little bitter.
was there not enough heat? the coffee boiling up into the top chamber was
clear and steamy and bubbley. I noticed in you video the coffee is thick
and dark going into the top chamber. I noticed mine was clearish so i
turned down the heat a little maybe I should have gone hotter?

toothpik00 says:

The one featured in this video, Bacarat I believe, is one of the best stove
top espresso makers (moka pots) that you can buy. Arguably better than the
current aluminium Bialetti models. The general criticism of the Bialetti
aluminium models is they’re still using old fashion rubber gaskets instead
of the more modern and durable silicon ones everyone else uses. Bialetti
are sticklers for tradition it seems. Moka pots also come in stainless
steel, but I prefer aluminium myself.

starmanis2bowie says:

Thank you, the tutorial was very thorough.

somethingintheway16 says:

This helped me so much, thank you!

King PhilipsWar says:

What do you suggest is best/cheapest stovetop espresso maker?

Muhammad Muhammad says:

my espresso maker get out the coffe with high pressure … please tell me
if you know how to resolve this problem..thanx

berty Berry says:

Extremely helpful video! just one question, what is the ratio of ground
coffee per teaspoon to a single shot of espresso. Many Thanks 

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