How to use a mini-espresso machine

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Close Mark shows us how to use the mini espresso machine in the office with bonus Italian accent!


Emwo says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I just found this machine hidden in my moms
cabinet from years ago, I had no idea how to use it yet as it was missing
the manual. ^_^

Paula Smith says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just got an espresso machine and have
made three cups and not got one right yet. I can do it now. :-)

Zachary Nichols says:

Do you have to use the carafe? Could you just put an espresso cup under the
machine and brew directly into that?

Becky Williams says:

I’m so grateful! I bought an older espresso machine at a garage sale, and
they did not have a manual for it. I have searched and was unable to find
one, but I believe I could use it now based on your simple explanation.

Brian Pepperd says:

Very useful, my wife and I got it as a wedding gift, she used it ONCE to
froth milk, lost manual and now, saved the crops, thanks guys. (she wrote

flakisskiss says:

I think I have the same machine but the steam wand has a black rubber thing
at the tip with another metal piece going up should I just. Take it off or
use it like that

Rummycat says:

Never use a sponge to clean the steamer unless you later disinfect

Hello Kinky says:

Thank you so much! My mom got a mini-espresso mchine 5 years ago, and it
wasn’t in use until now 😛

Andrew Garcia says:

That’s a piece to increase the amount of air in your froth, just make sure
to quickly release some steam before placing it in the milk. As with
anything keep it clean too

DeniceHong007 says:

I feel like my eyes are shaking when I saw his hands shaking.

alexpet888 says:

ty dude

Theresa Maschke says:

This was awesome! I just got this machine for Christmas and blew the first
batch. Thank God for YouTube and people like you who post videos for people
like me!

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