How To Replace The Thermostat On a Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

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Kayla and Kathy from Whole Latte Love walk you through changing the thermostats on the Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Visit us at http://www.wholelattelove…


cgavin1 says:

Its really important that you re-attach the earth to the top before
replacing the screws. I didn’t see it in the video during removal but there
is one and you should be really careful when removing it – its a pinch
clip attachment with a tongue for opening. You kinda made the nut seem like
its really easy and loose to remove too. It won’t be. I would suggest using
a flare spanner instead of a flat sided one to prevent slippage accidents
and or deforming the nut. Also the thermal paste is necessary. Its cheap
enough to source from ebay or the like. Don’t go mad with it either. Its
not glue/cement! :)´╗┐

Taylor Coleman says:

So, my steam thermostat’s peg broke off during reassembling my machine
after cleaning it, despite taking care to avoid causing that. Any tips on
what to do? The tip of the peg is stuck down in the boiler head. :(´╗┐

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