How to make free pour latte art easily on no crema coffee without an espresso machine

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HD video about free pour latte art with milkfrother. Everyone can do this. Try! My blog (Japanese) My web about how to froth (…


CJSchecter96 says:

really stupid question but do you need the espresso made in an espresso
machine or can it be done with a normal coffee maker?

Elbert John Felipe says:

it took me seconds to realize that the music is Mozart’s Turkish March

Baja5b-SS says:

Wow when I make a coffee I can start and finish by the time you’ve mixed
the milk, and I like my coffee HOT. 

Kylie Canter says:

My milk always ends up way too frothy with so many bubbles and when I pour
it into the espresso it just rises up with bubbly foam, so yuck! how long
do I need to froth the milk, and how deep is the aerolatte in the jug??

lilian WONG says:

i want to ask,
after how many times do u use the milkfrother to make coffee, then change
the new batteries?? is that mean if lower battery, longer time to froth

for me, i can make latte art on the top sometimes, but not clear. the
thickness of the milk still not alright to make good latte art. i think
still liquidly. is it i use longer time can solve this problem??


AnnieAnnie Annie says:

Will there be any difference if I use a plastic/glass beaker? 

Marc Rodin Encajonado says:

where did you buy those electric milk frother?

tehKettyBear says:

Why do you need to swirl the jug after frothing??

wwew lewe says:

hi there
I tried the ways,froth till there is n visable bubbles. Tamp and swirl it
and pour it straight to my instant coffee but every time the milk will flow
out first but the form at the very end Even when i am pouring it slowly.

Milan Nguyen says:

I use 200ml fat milk heat 70 degrees C, then froth & stir it angle 45
degree but it still watery and big bubbles on top.. Fail. 

janani muralidheran says:

but the coffee isn’t hot :(

xerowill says:

whats the purpose of the cocoa? just for taste or does it affect the canvas
for your milk pouring?

Also did you mix the milk in first on purpose or can you pour right from
the start and continue with the latte art?

Massimo Bortolamei says:

hi , thanks for your videos. they are very clear and the idea of a great
cappuccino without a professional machine is thrilling. i have been trying
your method for 1-2 week and i am encountering some problem. it would be
great if you could help.
first of all i can’t obtain the right density of the foam, i do it very
thick (wich is great for a capuccino but bad for latte art) as bubbles
disappear after only 15/20sec of frothing (after 2sec areating). the longer
i froth the ticker it become. i tried frothing for 10secs (with some small
bubbles remaining) but the quantity of foam is considerably less, thus is
impossible to make any pattern. i use very hot milk because i like it that
way. what do i do wrong? what am i missing? thank you very much, keep the
good work. Massimo

Denise Preece says:

I have an older small dual speed mixer (not with a whip head). Is that why
the milk is turning out so different? 

jake meyer says:

Electric coffee frothers are CHEATING come on coffee companions shout out
if you agree!!!

Micamica Wu says:

The is marocchino

Tanvir Ahmad says:

the main thing that is needed is good hand practice

Omar Didgmen says:

the color that coffee gave off was so brilliant and dark

Frances DeMers says:

Really pretty designs – wish I liked coffee though.

Rae S says:

very creative!

Priya M says:


tul khanarat says:

your camera doesn’t focus.

corp4444 says:

Incredible! Thanks . . . austin, texas

LaLaDreamLandLA says:

I never knew that you just top the espresso with cocoa powder to make the
latte art more contrasted. Thank you

Bobylly says:

i actualy enjoy your music more than the video itself !

KareLoon Tan says:

great.. now i dun need to buy coffee mechine..

Emily Story says:

oh man. this is so amazing. Can’t wait to try 

CoffeeZing says:

Need to try this, as I don’t yet have an espresso machine!

Latta Tea - Stir it Up! says:

so beautiful, you make it look so easy

raymondlcm Men says:

that is really amazing how to make a latte without a coffee maker
machine….I found some interesting stuff too at…share around…

bibeg limbu says:

but u need a espresso? but not a esspreso machine? 

Adam Mitchell says:

very nice

Łukasz Pochroń says:

wow you nailed it. it would have saved me weeks if I discovered it earlier.

Tou U says:

Is the coca power neccessary? like serving the function as the crema?

Jakob Bangsø says:

Great video! What kind of coffee do you pour the milk into? Is it powder
espresso or from a mocca pot?

Michelle Dinh says:

I can’t do it 🙁 … it pour straight to my coffee

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