How to Make Espresso with the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine| Williams-Sonoma

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Watch Brad, product expert from Williams-Sonoma, demonstrate the steps on how to make espresso with the nespresso pixie espresso machine. A hot cup of espres…


Marcus8958 says:

The capsules are pretty expensive and if you brew a cup that small as in
the video it would be cheaper to buy a cup of coffee from starbucks.

Anyway I got a great deal on one of these so I ordered one for €20. Well it
is worth a try for the small price.

Rosemary Herb says:

@renix great to hear. i agree, nothing compares to real coffee house
expresso that ive tasted

mongomondomongo says:

Apparently people don’t want real espressos since these things are getting
popular. They even serve it at Michelin Starred restaurants like The Fat
Duck in England. Crazy.

ipowerrush says:

Nice Nice Very Nice

brandnewdaydesigns says:

The Pixie is on my birthday wish list. We’ll see…

AussieSirGT says:

Why do yanks call it espresso? Just call it coffee

TheLoserKingdom says:

My machine is coming tomorrow! I’m so happy 🙂

renix says:

That crema looks disgusting.

Xavier Barnes says:

We call regular drip coffee “coffee,” espresso refers to a different thing,
the stuff made at high pressure, low-quantity.

GoliathAngelus says:

@deadpigproductions You have a lot to learn about Nespresso ,This coffee
has its bitter but not like every other coffee. Normal Espresso coffee is
indeed bitter and sometimes it needs a bit of sugar. The Nespresso coffee
is a lot tender in flavor and almost bitter sweet in taste like chocolat.

David Hammar says:

That’s not a real espresso

KpopLover6511 says:

after watching 6 of these videos i realized he was the only one to taste
the product he made.

GNMification says:

Haha its still a fakepresso it cannot be espresso because the meaning of
espresso is a way to make coffee. Look it up or ask a Italian. Espresso is
+/- 7 grams of fresh grounded coffee compacted and made at a water pressure
of 9 bar to get +/- 1oz or 30ml extraction in 20-30 sec. This is nespresso
what else? Looks a bit weak because you can almost see trough the

renix says:

@toxensinmyeye Not completely true. You can make good espresso at home with
a $150 Presso and a $100 hand grinder.

tjnsigns says:

Great video.

Tara Capewell says:

I’m drinking a latte right now. Boom.

Alan Saxon says:

No thank you!!!

ThibautVDP says:

i like nespresso coffee

Rosemary Herb says:

@renix that may be the case, but i stand behind every WS product I’ve
bought for my family. I think they are a real quality store.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@deadpigproductions What do you expect from pre ground coffee ? Pre ground
starts to get not so good in 1 day and nasty within 2 days and roasted
beans are only good for making espresso within 10-14 days so please use
fresh roasted coffee beans and high quality grinder.

robrieguez1 says:

Bit of help needed. I recently purchased a Nespresso Pixie and all was well
until a few days ago. I usually drink Lungos and they used to take 45
seconds to brew and they were lovely. Now they are taking only 30 seconds
to brew and as a result are very watery and not very nice. It is filling to
the same level in my Nespresso Lungo Glass but just getting there a lot
quicker. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

renix says:

@toxensinmyeye I didn’t say anything bad about WS, I was knocking Nespresso.

deadpigproductions says:

That shot was expired. Probably tasted disgustingly bitter. People need to
learn the art of coffee rather than how fast and simple it “can be.”

Farhad Fatehi says:

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