How to make cappuccino or macchiato without an espresso machine at home like a barista

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We at http://www.italianbeandelight sell for less than $ 90 all the equipment including espresso coffee to make the perfect cappuccino or macchiato at home w…


wasso85 says:

thank you:-)

mitak84 says:

you’re funny 🙂

Ilhaam Jiwaji says:

Great video

strobel69 says:

hi ItalianBeanDelight, in my opionion your Latte Macchiato isn’t perfect,
beacause you had produced to much foam and used too little milk. The
espresso shouldn’t come down to the bottom of the glass. This you’d
produced is often being used, but in restaurants and especially in Italian
cafés the espresso is at the half way up. However you explained very well!

19superchick says:

thank you sooo much (:

Ana Villanueva says:

your accent is hot 😀

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