How to make Cappuccino milk with your home espresso machine

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In this video, Steve shows you how to foam your milk to the right consistency to achieve a perfect Cappuccino using your home espresso machine.


B0nckers says:

Ive only had my machine for 2 weeks now, and im currently working in a bar
and we got a brand new machine, but I know for a fact this method is 100%
wrong and I EMPLORE that no one use this method. The milk has far too many
bubbles, mainly because he didnt start in the middle and then he didnt keep
the head of the wand at just below the surface until the milk was properly
heated. the the pouring of the foam is just maddening. If your foam is done
right it should slide right on top without any force… cant believe im
actually this upset hahah. Im gonna go make a nice coffee.

fjnutter says:

Well done Steve. Had enough of the Yank stuff

Brian Peixinho says:

Love when people say “looser” when trying to say LOSER! HA HA! LOSER

Chairman Maocat says:

Eh, not great frothing

abedh says:


abedh says:

I think coffee geeks will kill themselves after seeing this

djbookey says:

Cappuccino foam is very subjective. It can be very different depending on
where you go. Starbucks for example use a lot of foam creating a ‘dry’
cappuccino covered in powdered chocolate. Mine is based more on a
traditional Italian cappuccino. Stiff foam, no choc 🙂

abulhesh11 says:

that’s not a cappuccino foam

Denzel Messak says:

Never use a spoon! To pour the milk, you’re not a real barista

A Sch says:

In another video, one barista said to keep the tip from touching the bottom
of the cup. Should the tip be about 4-5mm from the bottom or halfway
between the level of the milk and the bottom of the cup?

BigMacRealMusic says:

the espresso isn’t black? wtf y is it brown

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