How to make an espresso

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Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Assemble Your Materials You can’t make espresso with any old coffee machine…


Kennie Chan says:

that’s really a bad shot

Oxy Tony says:

Horrible … They got shut down they are no longer in business … 

Brendan Murphy says:


Brock Jackson says:

Espresso is coffee, it’s just a different way of making it.

chavez9422 says:

“Forget what you might know” I don’t think there is possibly anything else
anybody could know about this. Let some stuff fall in a cup, press stuff
down, push button, pull lever.

Eric Summey says:

Oh my God, please clean those machines!

pvtjamesryan3 says:


TheCellarat says:

@joines92 Dolce gusto is not espresso! its strong filter coffee in a small
cup. nescafe suck balls

richsdenn1 says:

I like my coffee like I like my women> 3 at a time

Evan Beard says:

Bad technique!

losthaze says:

why would you have to practice 15/30lbs pressure wouldn’t it be easier to
just add a small spring scale on the side of the mallet?

Nunik Widya Ningrum says:

i love this coffee 😀

Sean Heron says:

do you have any videos on how to make cappuccino?

Antonio Pickett says:

I didn’t realize espresso was irregular coffee.

Crawfish1has2mints says:

Bahaha 30 pounds of pressure followed by 15, what a a fucking joke. What to
learn: How to pre infuse with a piston leaver, followed by how to fill a
porter filter correctly.

Chris Reeves says:

i dont like this guy. just sayin

Boss100695 says:

loool 30 pounds then 15 pounds of pressure you clown

OnlyTrapAllowed says:

20 seconds is the perfect espresso. Why? Because I’m a barista…

Arctic says:

I have to say, you are a retarded human being.

Richard Bravo says:

from 2:03 to 2:16 , that is 13 seconds

pman350 says:

I feel sorry for this guy, the poor bastard had to drink the worst espresso
I have ever seen made in my life. extraction is watery, uneven tamp, left
it to cook in the portafilter after insertion. blonded after 9 secs. coffee
actually looked gross. obvious under-dose, which is more evident from over
extracted 19 second shot. The music in this video is not bad,
congratulations, you got one thing right.

figjam83 says:

Haters are everywhere… Wheres your coffee making vid that has over 9000
views? stop using your mums computer to watch youtube and get a life.

FaranGitty says:

There are smart-arses in every field!

rixcat says:

Pete. Please make a “How to make a Cappuccino” video. Thanks. Really enjoy
your videos.

jebjonson says:

instructions not clear enough… got my penis stuck in the ceiling fan.

Antonio Pickett says:

I have got to say, that is the dumbest thing I have read all day.

n1tro1337 says:

0:03 “forget what you may already know”.. wtf?! forget what this douche is
telling you… 90% bullsh*t.. …”hey guys from Mahola are coming over to
film us for youtube, let’s not clean our machines at all for about 3
months” thats messy and gross dudes!!

panhead88 says:

i cant believe 10 people like this…shot was a bit fast dont you think?

RichardCranium365 says:

A damn shame any fucktard standing near an espresso machine assumes he or
she is a barista. Way to waste so much coffee Mr. Expert. Give me a damn

Daniel Banker says:

not thorough enough of an explanation.

Danny Pearce says:

Fair enough, Its just that i’ve heard in other places the 30 pound/15
pounds pressure rule… but i shall give this a look

technoalah says:

way too fast. bad!!!

Danny Pearce says:

he does say, practice on scales to get the pressure right

zero13250 says:

your vids are good and i watch all but who has a grinder and who has a

La Femme Dominus says:

haha, they probably had to edit the end because that sip he took must have
burnt like hell!

Daniel Kristensen says:

LOL! it should look nice and thin!

roanna sold says:

Wow, his shot came out in 10 sec! and he didn’t tap the head between

WiadroPiachu says:

what a shit. unbelievable

Daniel Kristensen says:

Worst thing a have ever seen!

bl4ze2004 says:

holy crap! what a mess on the grinders, and the extraction was just way too
fast… I would never drink that crap. you better learn how to make proper
espresso because this was nothing like it 🙁 jeeez ! 🙁

mydavidsonsound1 says:

oh my god!! that was a nasty looking shot 🙁

kirstinva says:

I think I’m in love… with the espresso maker!

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