How to froth milk for latte art using home espresso machine

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15g Full City Guatamala bean. 320ml cup.


CoffeeZing says:

Which machine is this?

amufe1 says:

你開始打嗰時,部機有冇着綠燈? 我部機由綠燈開始打嘅話,過十幾秒就會開始冇氣,燈都熄埋,我唔知係咪我部機有問題

Tiffany says:

My whole process is when I cut on the machine to heat up, I put the pitcher
in the freezer. After I grind the beans and put it in the pod I pour milk
in the pitcher and put it back in the freezer. Next I pull the shot then
take the milk out the freezer. Right away, I get the steam going and swish
the milk around a little. I only put the tip of the wand in the milk and
tilt the pitcher so the milk forms a whirlpool. When the pitcher is too hot
to touch I take it off…

Tiffany says:

I have a Cusinart EM-100 , sometimes I use whole and sometimes I use 2%.
The first time I used whole it worked really well and I made a good
cappuccino. After that I tried and I would get very little froth. It seems
like now that I started using 2% (where I got an ok amount of froth from
before) I only get steamed milk and about a tbsp of froth too.

Kong Leung says:

your steps are totally correct. you may try to keep the steam wand at the
level like the video 18s – 25s, maybe longer (1 or 2 second) to get more
froth. don’t worry about the big froth. it will be gone when you lower the
milk pitcher.

ayse says:

Thank you very much for this video. Now I can froth milk as I wish with my
home espresso machine… Thanks again 🙂

Tiffany says:

Hi, I have problems getting froth. I mostly use 2% milk. What do you use ?

Kong Leung says:

我都一樣,這是正常的。條片約 30秒左右,粒綠燈就熄咗,但打奶都無影響

Kong Leung says:

i use regular milk. i have not tried 2%, but i tried skimmed milk, it is
work but i don’t like the taste could you share more details? too much or
not enough froth? which machine are you using?

Tiffany says:

Haha, I bought a gallon of whole milk & I make so much foam I get
cappuccino every time. I never seem to get it just right. But thanx for the
help, nobody ever helped me out about the froth, they just said you have to
teach yourself.

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