How to Fix Jura Impressa S9 One Touch Espresso Machine

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Instructional video to open Jura S9 One Touch, Jura XS90 One Touch espresso machines. This video demonstrates how to replace the brewing unit in Jura S9 One …


João Paulo Serra says:

Hi! Do you have any videos on how to clean the grinder unit, on Impressa
XS90? the grinder on my machine is not working at all…

dhole177 says:

Can you place a link for new hairpins and o-rings?

dhole177 says:

You don’t happen to be near Denver?

valerie Squire says:

I have a Jura S9 the display indicates Fill System/press steam. The steam
has not been in use for quite some time and had been using machine to do
espresso only. No matter what I try the same msg is repeated. Can the
memory be cancelled? I have to admit that I had ignored replace filter
which had recently started to flash ( I fill with filtered water) I
popped in a new filter but of course I can’t go through the
normal procedure as it is stuck on other message. Your suggestions would be

VolleyDoc says:

Thanks for this detailed description. Once the brew group is out, how do
you clean inside of it? I’m not sure it’s worth removing it. We have an
Error 8 consistently, and it looks like coffee residue is caked up on the
works at the bottom of the brew group. Used other online recommendations to
clean it out from beneath, without removing, but not yet sure if it worked.

Denus01 says:

I hope you can help me with this request: I need to open my Jura ENA Micro
One, but after the screws are removed (6 under and 2 upper behind), there’s
no way to remove the side panels. It’s annoying because I really need to
clean this machine as the regular cleaning program with the Jura cleaning
tablets doesn’t remove the dirt that much. I searched on the web for hours,
but I didn’t found any details about this issue. Thanks a lot!

David Holt says:

Thanks for posting this. My Jura S9 One Touch is leaking clear water out of
the bottom of the machine and I keep getting an error message stating that
I need to empty the tray even though the tray has been emptied. I am
looking for a starting point to diagnose the problem.

Parts Guru says:

Where is the water leaking from? Facing the machine from the front, is it
leaking from the rear right side? If so, then it could be either the
membrane regulator or one of the connectors. As for the empty tray message,
please remove the drain pan completely. Locate the white micro switch
inside and clean it off. There could be coffee residue on it that is not
correctly activating the micro switch. Clean the metal contacts at the rear
of the drain pan as well.

Parts Guru says:

We have not had an opportunity to repair ENA Micro One as its a fairly new
machine. We will post the ENA Micro opening instructional video as soon as
we can. Thank you for your patience.

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