How To Descale a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Kathy from Tech Support show you how to descale a semi-automatic non-heat exchanger. This is an important maintenance tip in order to prolong the life of you…


TheDeano175 says:

I brought a Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier and left it in the water tank for 2
hours before doing anything as I was busy at that time, would this affect
the water outlet and inlet tubes in the tank?

wholelattelovetv says:

No, you will not need to use another bag of descaler. You should just run
the descaler through the group head and the steamer one more time.

Kurt Miller says:

Why not just pour the cleancaf into your water tank? Then you don’t dirty
the water channel that leads from the top to the water tank. Might be
easier. Great video either way, a lot of little tidbits that aren’t listed
on the Cleancaf box.

wholelattelovetv says:

Yes, this is normal. One tube is the inlet tube and the other is an outlet.
The inlet tube sucks the water in. The outlet tube only lets water out.

georgedela2214 says:

Hi ! While de-scaling my machine I noticed water was sucked from only the
longest pipe from the reservoir to the boiler. I realized the shorter
silicon hose was not suctioning water because the cleaning solution bubbles
remained in place. Is this normal? I bought this unit at amazon! (I wish I
would have found your website sooner, I hear you offer great support) and I
am passed the return date ( I bought unit in mid April) I believe I still
have a year warranty directly from gaggia,. What do yo

João Gabriel says:

when you say “you repeat the process”, you mean i should use another bag of

wholelattelovetv says:

This button actually needs to be pressed for 10-15 seconds to reset.

missbudalu says:

Help – I have de-scaled my Gaggia Brera for the first time, but I can’t
reset the “De-scale Alarm Symbol”. The instructions state to hold the
aroma/pre-ground button for 6 seconds to re-set it, but this doesn’t work!
Any advice please?

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