Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine fix!

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Hi all, Just wanted to share how I got a hamilton beach espresso machine working after I was given it at a garage sale. It was not pumping water and was very…


Estella Sistar says:

Thank you so much for this video. I was putting my water in the top back
space. :/ . I have had this expresso machine since 2006. Got it for my
birthday from my wonderful daughter but did not have the heart to tell her
I was trying not to over do the coffee. Yesterday was my 66th birthday and
I now drink coffee and felt it’s time to use my new Expresso Machine. It is
identical to yours. Thanks again and just had a yummy cup of coffee, Thanks
to you <3

soeasytostampvideos says:

Thanks for the video! I got my machine at a garage sale too. Not free but
cheap! It worked but just coffee dripped out slowly one drop at a time. I
took the screen off and cleaned it but never thought of running it with the
screen off. The burst that came out was pretty gross for sure! Now it pours
out freely! You made my day! 

iChuckie says:

Couple of additional tips:
Check the pump before taking it apart. Bad pump means replace. Pretend you
brew esspresso, put another cup under the frother and open the steam knob.
If pressure water comes out ur pump is fine (no need to press the steam
button for that, its made for hot tea water)
Rinse weekly with vinegar or monthly with CLR.
Fill with filtered water to prolong life.
I have mine for 9 yrs and still working after I made some fixes thanks to

iChuckie says:

Great video. Almost threw mine away. True, the brass screw wont come undone
easy. I stripped mine but then ended up removing the screen. Underneath it
was old coffee. I got BrewRite machine cleanser from wallmart. Rinsed it
off several times and im back to brewing. Thanks for the tips

David Nigro says:

me too my bronze screw wont loosen. don’t want to overly strip it.

thanks guys

Mike Emery says:

Great video – thanks for posting. Having the same problem you encountered –
how did you get the brass screw out of that internal filter-like piece?
Mine seems to be completely frozen and I’ve started to strip it a bit…..

Mike Emery says:

Thanks. Tried vinegar/water combo with no luck, and unfortunately the
manual doesn’t advise how to disassemble the unit, since the manufacturer
probably wants you to buy a new one rather than be able to make what should
be a straightforward repair via cleaning – ugh – disposable electronics are
such a waste…..

abuayat says:

Thanks good man for the fix , it is amazing , Thanks for sharing

Vladimir McKenzie says:

I ended up using heat to help unscrew it but in retrospect I would
recommend trying to cleaning it with vinegar first to help break down any
excess mineral build up in the machine; as the link in the comment
explains. and also check out the original manual for this machine whose
link is also in the comment section. Hope this helps.

attainfamilywellness says:

We’re trying these repairs now. Hope it works! Will keep you posted. THANKS
for sharing all of this, to include the link for the manual.

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