GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Maker – Review

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Some people may say this is a luxury — but frankly there is nothing worse than waking up in a cold tent on a cold morning to be greeted by instant coffee or…


Espen Ruud says:

Don’t you mean Espresso?

Matthew Cashmore says:

@nathanshepherd1 I had no idea – thanks for the heads-up I’ll give that a
go this weekend.

Anthrax2404 says:

What are your thoughts on this product now?

Matthew Cashmore says:

@jamielongmusic It did… makes a huge difference.

Gunner5053 says:

Just watched a video on the Tout Terrain SR then I found your video. It’s
brilliant. If that doesn’t give you a kick-start on a cold morning, I don’t
know what will. Burry Port – Wales.

Matthew Cashmore says:

thanks dude 🙂 Good little unit.

agun17 says:

Can’t see much out that window lol.

jchiar says:

Are you still using it?

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