Gas Burner System on Astoria Espresso Machine

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Demonstration of the installation of the gas heating system on an Astoria Espresso machine at Orphan Espresso.


Ellob says:

Great radio voice !!

Vytis bleketas says:

where did you get gas conversation kit? I’m looking forward buying one, and
cant find anywhere.

pacificlint says:

Thank you both for taking the time to do this. Well done.

Clean767 says:

thanks for the inside scoop on this Astoria. I found a cafe in San
Francisco with a 2 group Lever Astoria just like this video, but it is not
gas. It still makes incredible shots though!

orphanespresso says:

@mikehillvictoria Hello, yes it is, on our website orphanespresso

MIke Hill says:

is this one for sale ??

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