Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review

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This is a unique end of useful life review. I really did enjoy this espresso machine and would recommend it, if its your first espresso machine. In this vide…


bob tom says:

make some coffee

CoffeeZing says:

Sucks that your Classic went down, but the Silvia is an awesome machine…

Feras Suleiman says:

i just got my gaggia classic today for 244$ special offer at Carrefour
Dubai, still dont think its worth it to buy the rancilio silvia for about 2
1/2 time the price, does it? i already ordered the silvia wand for milk
frothing at 30$, think i got a good deal so far

Karma Yangchen says:

Is the Gaggia Classic appropriate for coffee shops? Or is that only for
home based? how much shots of espresso can it make?

TexasEspresso says:

You are a complete idiot. The thermal fuse is right in front of you, inside
the silicone tube. It costs ~$1.85 to replace it. You’re an embarrassment
to all home baristas!

Creative Outlet Images says:

hah, good eye. Yes they do.

Creative Outlet Images says:

I use a Rancilio Silvia now. Its better than the gaggia classic in this
video, but the gaggia was a great machine. The rancilio get’s more hot and
more durable also more expensive.

noir4hire says:

Thanx for the review! I’ve been debating what to get for a first semi-pro
maker, I’ve gone though 5-6 $80-$100 one that I’ve been disappointed with
every time and die in 6 mons. So been saving up for my first good one.

Creative Outlet Images says:

@famavisca Thanks I’ll have to look at it again. The repair might still be
past my abilities.

famavisca says:

I see your fuse. It’s inside the clear plastic tubing on top of the boiler.
Mine stopped working for the same reason a blown fuse. you’ll need to cut
it out to fix it. If you put a jumper wire across both ends of the fuse
you’re machine should turn on.

mongomondomongo says:

What do you use now?

Zechariah46 says:

Would you sell it as is?

kamlesh chavda says:

And you’re a TWAT for assuming everyone should have your level of

crazy4mopar says:

Do you want sell it? I need parts off of it 🙂 I’d rather recycle/reuse old
parts then buy new parts.

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