Gaggia Baby Twin Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

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Whole Latte Love presents the Gaggia Baby Twin. The Gaggia Baby Twin offers an innovative new take on home semi-automatic espresso machine design: two boiler…


bucko386 says:

I a buying one of these machines from Harts of Stur in the UK for £300. My
wife wants one and our coffee-loving friend recommends this one. She will
use the machine but I’ll probably stick with instant granules – much
quicker and far less messing around. This presentation reminds me of the
movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – I don’t know why.

wholelattelovetv says:

Great to hear that all is well if your coffee world. Let us know anytime we
can help. Todd S

HerrAl5ama says:

8:41 stop clean! 😀 But, this machines is really what I want, nice
functions and easy to use.

emmetje74 says:

now this is a helpfull video

wholelattelovetv says:

Yes, it does produce really good espresso. Using the right grinder with
this machine makes all the difference.

Daniel Ramos says:

The best! Ship to brazil??

nietcey says:

ROFL!! These two are hysterical! You can tell she she thinks he is an ape
and he thinks (and has said in another video) that she is a princess!
Please please more instructional videos with Tracy and Todd!!!!!!

STILL81 says:

Looks pretty good! What about making let’s say 5 coffee one after another?
Does the machine get over heated?

rainydog says:

My Baby Twin arrives thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. I’m saving this video for
future reference. You just taught me how to load the basket. Very
informative video. Thanks for the info. Bill

me says:

this or the the rancilio?

Daniel says:

I bought the Capresso 115 and am waiting for it in the mail. It looks like
a good machine.

Johnathan Sanford says:

this lady reminds me of a stepford wife

wholelattelovetv says:

You can use the Gaggia Latte Art Wand. With the removable sleeve it can be
used as a single hole steam wand.

Κωνσταντίνος Προβιάς says:

thank you guys! I manage to fix a problem with the pump of my Baby with
this video!

Panoskol says:

08:38 – 08:42 lol

wholelattelovetv says:

@STILL81 The Gaggia Baby Twin will not overheat. It can make coffee all day
long! Thanks for your question!

Luiz Felipe Ferreira says:

Can I steam my milk and brew my shot at the same time?

bibberdy says:

Just a note to say thank you for spending the time to make a quality and
thorough video. I have this machine and after spending a month with it
wondered if there were any tips online, and up came your video, best
online. Loved the bit where we saw inside the unit, very useful and was a
real insight!!

srs5272 says:

Has anybody else noticed that these 2 are passive aggressive towards each
other in most of the videos they make? Lmao, 9:10 “yeah just keep
cleaning”. You can tell in some of their other videos they get mad with
each other. Lol.

Daniel Ramos says:

Okay my dear, thank you!! I like price ! In Brazil the price is high.

Jason Morgan says:

I just got my machine today i’m very pleased with whole latte love’s
service and knowledge. I have to say this machine is a dream come true
awesome results every time. Just follow the three steps and you’ll be fine.
The first get fresh beans the second get a good grinder and third and a
must have get a good tamper that is metal. I’m going to get all of my
supplies from them because they have great deals and have a lot of
knowledge also very friendly .

cherieboo5 says:

This may be thee machine I am looking for. More investigation going on,
though. I do know that: I do not want a machine that just uses pods!!

rainydog says:

I noticed you froth the milk before you made the espresso. I always froth
the milk after I brewed the coffee. Any advantage to frothing the milk
before brewing the coffee. Bill

Jason Morgan says:

Hey todd i have a question can i leave the power on my machine for as long
as i own it. I called your staff and someone told me it wouldn’t matter . I
was wanting your take on this

Jeffrey Colern says:

I have seen recently people complaining about their machines breaking
within 6 months, have you seen any of these issues? Are they more operator
error or deficiencies with the machine?

wholelattelovetv says:

@luizzzzzzzzzzzzzz With the twin you are unable to brew and steam at the
same time but you can go from one to the other back to back with no need to
purge the boiler.

Dane Bjornrud says:

im not a huge fan of the pannarello wand, is there a way to get a regular
steam wand on it?

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