Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Temperature Test

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Just one of the complaints about this machine, and many other super automatic espresso makers. A drink that barely reaches 120F due to 105-110F frothing of m…


Bob Joy says:

Thanks for your answer techlogik. I already got clued in
by ShaneAncefsky-Sales (from Whole Latte Love I assume). They also tried
the EVO/Academia carafe swap and came to the same conclusion, it’s the EVO
machine that creates the higher milk temp. I ordered the EVO only after
finding someone who could measure one and confirm it was only 14 1/2″ high
and not the 16 1/4″ as advertised and would fit under my kitchen cabinets
after all. It arrives next week, can’t wait.

Bob Joy says:

The Saeco Exprelia EVO milk carafe looks identical to the Gaggia carafe and
the machines are obviously closely related. If the Saeco carafe plugs into
the Gaggia that might fix the Gaggia’s cold milk problem. Worth a try?

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