Francis Francis Y1 espresso machine Exclusive Review

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Bobby Sutton says:

I have used the y1 for about 2 years, now. My wife and I love it. The
coffee is some of the best in the world and is consistent. Their decaf
really stands out, too. I preheat the cup or shot glass with hot water from
the brew group and let the machine warm up for about 5 minutes. I get
temperatures of about 180-190. You cannot beat this machine for ease of use
and convenience.

vacputer says:

Great to see any reference to this machine. I’ve seen it in various places,
but very little information exists regarding it. Thanks, guys!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Isn’t each capsule with 7g of coffee or the amount for one single shot of
espresso not double like you are pulling here ?

anthimosemoze says:

should i keep the cap of the device closed when i dont use it or
open…would it become loose if i keep it always closed??

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Keep it closed. Enjoy your cup,!

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great comment. Yes you can use 2 ipercapsules as well or use one so it will
be not as strong. Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you. It’s great single serve espresso machine. Hopefully more people
will know about it :). Enjoy our cup,

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