Fine Tuning the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

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Zack from Whole Latte Love shows you a combination of settings on the Gaggia Brera that could give you great shots of espresso. To learn more about the Gaggi…


f4ckingb5 says:

The comment about the dosage by Tommaso should be emphasized. Had a couple
of gaggia and saeco machines before and they are definitely designed to
work around the default “two bean” dose setting. You can change grind,
water volume and water temp as you see fit but leave the dose alone or it
the machines will not brew consistently.

Tommaso Schiesari says:

I’m Italian and i have a new gaggia brera. Thanks for the helpful guide but
i think that for a perfect italian espresso you have to : 1- choose a great
coffe quality beans (of course) 2- Set the grinder not to the finest but a
step up 3- Set two beans not three in the display. 4 the amount of water
depends on your taste 5- You have to try and try for your personal choice
of coffee have a nice italian coffee !!!

James Pirie says:

Hi, Unless the US model is different, you don’t have to hold the water
button while you are programming it. You hold it until the cup icon flashes
and then let it go and watch progress. When you want it to stop, simply
press the button again…Simples 🙂 Thanks for the video James

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