Espresso Shots from a lever machine and naked portafilter

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I have always wanted to pull shots from a naked portafilter on a commercial lever machine. There is something about the taste of espresso pulled from these m…


Шинэ Үндэс says:

How would you suggest making a double shot with the lever machine? (I have
a Brasilia leva 2 grouphead) Thanks!

SlayerEspresso says:

Your head seal is old & hard and needs to be replaced. Your coffee could be
too fine as well.

trip806 says:

Ha ha…how funny is it that this dude below me was trying to school the
guys who built the Slayer? lOL

cdiazg says:

how do you make a naked portafilter from a normal one?

John Manzo says:

VERY interesting! I’d love to have a naked pf milled for my elektra leva-
did you guys get this one done in Calgary? The “bubble” is freaky but
definitely demonstrates a different sort of extraction w/ a lever, I guess.

4320577 says:

hey dude great video, I bought a used braun 3058, Im new with the espresso
stuff, I don’t know what happen with it I put two teas poons of espresso
grinded coffee and when I turn it on the coffee falls in the glass carafe
but it splits around the porta filter, also some little pieces of coffee
fall down with the liquid what should I do

SlayerEspresso says:

I made the PF myself with a drill and a file in around a half hour. What
was interesting is that you didn’t see the column of foam on the single –
and I suspect that if we were pulling double shots (pulling the handle down
twice) with the double basket – that we wouldn’t have seen all the foam,
which I think is just the air pressure above the coffee pushing out excess
oil & such. Next time I’m playing with it, I’ll pull some doubles and see
the difference.

Eric Yochim says:

8… trust me… usually I get paid a lot of money for espresso
training…. and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Eric Yochim says:

Suggestions… 1. Grind fresh. Don’t take the portafilter out of the group
head once you have put it in and don’t ;et the portafilter sit in the
grouphead too long before starting the “pull”. This can lead to drying out
of the espresso puck because of the heat and/or uneven extraction and/or
channeling. 2. Tighten up your grind significantly. 3. Get a timer.
Pre-infuse for 5-15 seconds depending on your espresso, then time your shot
from the moment you let the lever up. Aim for around 25-33 sec

Eric Yochim says:

suggestions (cont..) you should stop your shot once the espresso starts to
turn blond… let the blond stuff just drain through. 5. TASTE YOUR
ESPRESSO ALL DAY EVERYDAY. A good barista will taste his/her espresso at
least a few times a day to make sure it is consistent.

Eric Yochim says:

ok, no offense intended but… 1st. On a lever machine the “down position”
of the lever is called the “pre-infusion” state. it is letting the water in
at a very low pressure and you should not see any coffee begin to come
through the portafilter until the lever is let back up. Problem: grind too
corse, distribution was uneven. 2nd. the “bubble” is not a good sign. It
could mean many “bad things” including poor distribution, too fast of
extraction, poor quality coffee, etc….more to follow…

Eric Yochim says:

6. Experiment… with shot times, dose weights, volumes, etc. Try each part
of your espresso independently to get to know it better… Meaning take 3
different cups and catch the first 10 seconds in the 1st cup the next 10
seconds in the 2nd cup and the last 10 seconds in the 3rd cup… You will
be AMAZED at what you might find. 7… Trust me this is for your own good
as well as for the good of your guests, your roasters, your business, your
bottom line, the world.

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