Espresso Master Series: Rocket Espresso Machine Design

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Andrew Meo discusses what Rocket Espresso is all about when it comes to machine design. Rocket Espresso has always used commercial components and technically…


Whole Latte Love says:

Join Andrew Meo from Rocket Espresso as he talks about machine design:

Emin Duman says:

Join Andrew Meo from Rocket Espresso as he talks about machine design:

Jason Powell says:

Hand made you say? I did not know that. I’ll check out Rocket.

Scotty d'Angelo says:

Doesn’t look too different from the other machines, to be honest, other
than the big R.. I suppose I could paint a red R on the Evo v2 for some
instant quirkiness too 🙂 But honestly I’m envious of anyone who owns such
a kick ass machine.

Maxim Mee says:


John Hatton says:

Absolutely fabulous machines. We love our Rocket Espresso machine. A
Rocket, combined with our home roasted beans, a Mazzer Mini grinder, and a
lot of research has given us great espresso at home. I agree – I don’t like
those digital displays on machines either and the clean look is great.

Richard Comway says:

Many Rocket importers have temporarly stopped importing the R58 because of
frame failure. Chris’s Coffee Service on the West Coast has had 100%
failure rates for normal home deliveries of this machine.

Braxton Howard says:

I love seeing a small company with a great philosophy about worrying about
the product first and profit second. This is lost in too many products

TheNatchers says:

so sixy hehe

Muhammad Muhammad says:

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