Espresso Machine Scrambled Eggs

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This is how you can make scrambled eggs using the steam wand of an coffee machine (given it has one of course). It’s fairly novel, it’s a bit sciencey, it pr…


CymraegDdewines says:

Brilliant. I especially liked the magically melted butter. LOL This is the
best steamed eggs video I’ve seen. Thanks!

abstractgourmet says:

@CymraegDdewines My pleasure. Though it’s only happened once so far, and
isn’t likely to happen again 🙂

samjok-o says:

HAHA great video man. And love the song choices you choose for your videos.
Care to share the name of this song?

abstractgourmet says:

@se0ultra1n It’s remix of “Match point of our love” by the Beach Boys done
by Australian electro outfit The Avalanches. It mixes into The Chemical
Brothers Star Guitar in the last few seconds 🙂

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