Espresso Machine Reviews – What’s The Best Espresso Machine of 2013

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Close Are you looking for an espresso machine? At, we have every brand to choose from. See reviews from actual …


Stuart O'Connor says:

They didn’t give you any info, waste of time….

Tyrell Sewell says:

yeah cool site man

Jamison Pendry says:

Wow, I definitely would like to have one of those babies! Pretty powerful.

Luke Dender says:

Pretty proffesional mini store site. Just bought one off Amazon.

Danny Basilio says:

Wow! They have A LOT of espresso machines.

BrianZhu27 says:

Wow, they even have Le Pavoni! I saw one at an internet cafe shop in

BrockVivolo says:

So many models! Have to narrow it down lol

BrianBartan says:

There’s a lot espresso machines

Tim Sutton says:

Yum! Espresso!

Conner Olivier says:

Great, now I want an espresso machine. Latte sounds so good to me now.

Tim Pettis says:

Thanks for the website. They do have a lot of machines.

Nicole Karthik says:

I wonder if have Melitta. Not too many people know about that maker.

GloriaHaskell says:

Was wondering if they Jura and they do.

Antonio Hall says:

Hmm, that Capresso machine seems what I’m looking for.

Joshua Ruedas says:

Well, I just bought a KRUPS from Amazon. Saved a couple bucks and it’s does
the job.

ManguGenesis says:

Thanks for the new site.

Jim Cline says:


Matthew Bicolli says:

Now that’s a packed site. So many machines!

Danierl Rodgers says:

So what’s your opinion of breville bes860xl? Need some feedback before I

Maria Myres says:

So machine espresso machines!

Kristi Harden says:

Can’t go wrong with Nespresso. I love the one I have now.

ClintThompson44 says:

ha, watching this while sipping on some espresso.

Ted Hollis says:

Glad I came to this video. The site was helpful to me.

JoshWeeds says:

Nice video btw!

Brian Romero says:

I see they have a compare table. Neat!

TheCoolstuffs88 says:

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