Espresso Machine Review : Gaggia Brera (Super Automatic) [SHORT VERSION]

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YouTube Page: Espresso Machine: Coffee: http://www.wh…


CoffeeZing says:

Nice looking machine! I have the Titanium. Gaggia / saeco stuff is nice
bang for the buck.

stargate905 says:

All made by seaco 

Muhammad Muhammad says:


Santino Tersigni says:

hardcore italians at my work drink the first few drippings of a few brews

Adrian Skinner says:

If that’s the shirt version, I’d hate to see the long version. Very

WoodshavenPatriot says:

Nespresso models are great to…use little single serve pods. Good creme
for espresso but dont like for regular coffee.

MrCook69120 says:

the original was over an hour

TheFlubber says:

Jeff, you should check out Lavazza’s bean blend if it’s availible in the
US, try to find one with a high percentage of robusta beans i.e. the Rosso
blend, which will give your espressos a nice, rich italian taste. The
ordinary coffee using the same blend is also really great. Have a nice day!

Sand Viper says:

@ SoyAussie really? What are you 10? Grow up dude.

BushcraftBritannia says:

Hi, 2010blackhawkdown, new channel, anyway thanks for replying, if you’ve
got the time id apreciate you checking out my videos, did a hot sauce
review and was inspired to do so by you. Since watching your channel i take
my coffee black and my food drowned in hot sauce.

Ryan0556 says:

Jeff I challenge you to solve a Rubiks cube.

SkylarrL says:

I need to make a Jeff Smith meme. SHORT VERSION. TWENTY-FOUR MINUTES LONG.

Wise Snake says:

FUCKING LOL! The short version is cut in half! <3

2010blackhawkdown says:

whats your favourate coffee? Mines a latte, no sugar.

TheZombieFred says:

i can 🙂

Vital Chunks says:

Maybe this will give you enough caffeine energy to ride your bike back and

Dufrais Constantinople says:

does this have wifi?

darkams56 says:

Short Version 24 Mins LOL

stompySharpNpointy says:

Long ver was over an hour 🙂

bobby wasabi says:

$3,200 ?! you can get a wife to make coffee for you for like 5bucks in
farmville cash

SkylarrL says:

I did it. quickmeme com/meme/3r9wli/

Brian Robertson says:

This machine will make you fart…a lot.

2010blackhawkdown says:

what sort of coffee is it? rich or subtle? i currently have to drink decaf
cos of a “caffein addiction”, a real thing belive it or not

Matrixsos says:

You could buy 3200 cups of coffee, and actually get the coffee. Or buy this
machine, and still have to buy the coffee to put in it. Hm.

yourre naamme says:

That shit is to complicated Jeff

sosballsy says:

Smartass here. Hi, Jeff. In Italy Glassware is used for milk based coffees,
and expressos are taken from a small porcelain cup with a dash of sugar for
enhanced flavor.

Wise Snake says:

He’ll probably solve it by prying off the colours with his knife and put it
back together, good as new. lol

mikethenascarfan says:

I’m not asking “how” I’m asking what happens as a result.

SkylarrL says:

So, I made the Cutlerylover Meme. go to quickmeme and throw this at the end
of the URL /meme/3r9wli/

tankt202Ot says:

YUM coffee

SoyAussie says:

get a life, dick sucker

Jordan Mok says:

wait how is this short @ 25 min long

cutlerylover says:

look at the handpresso, its a travel espresso maker for $130…very cool
item and can use pods as well as grinds

teameymelli1 says:

Italy makes the best espresso machines, naturally. This looks like
something Bond would use, I approve

Linkmat97 says:

where is it made ? italy?

toothANDclaw13 says:

that was wonderful.

Chuck Norris says:

but i want a steamer for cappuccino

TheAthletics15 says:

Hi jeff 🙂

PedoBearHugz says:

Try watching the 50 minute one xD

Colonel Fappington says:

One time, I beat a Bugatti Veyron in my Ford Pinto

cutlerylover says:


Rainbow Jeremy says:

makes me want one and i dont drink coffee

ProLegitSPY says:

you should be a salesman, you make ever thing interesting!!!!

cutlerylover says:

right now its a regular cup oif black coffe still, lol…but I do enjoy a
shot of straight nespresso or a latte also no sugar I did make one amazing
drink with irish cream syrup and mixed it in the shot with a bit of cream
then made a cappaccino…but its so full of calories, lol, I cant drink
that often

Wiz Khalifa says:

where did u get this? please rply

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